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Cape Breton-Nova Scotia Photos


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Uses for Cucumbers- Global-Cape Breton-Nova Scotia

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Cape Breton-Nova Scotia Photos


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Across Baddeck Bay-Cape Breton-Nova Scotia

Cape Breton-Nova Scotia-The Home Of Our Hearts Forum


Cape Breton-Nova Scotia Photos


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Warning: H1N1 Flu Shots Contain: via Global-Cape Breton-Nova Scotia

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Global Cape Breton-Nova Scotia-World Alternative News Headlines

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TEPCO Admits Plan To Dump More Rad Water Into Pacific

Fukushima Soil Radiation Doubles In Five Months

Japan Faces Nuke Shutdown For 2nd Time Since Fukushima

Japan Nuke Watchdog To Forbid Building Reactors On Faults

Daiichi Worker…Radiation Still Spreading All Over – Vid

Removing Melted Fukushima Fuel May Cause Nuke Reaction

McGrath – Clear And Present Danger – Vid

What Would George Orwell Have Made Of 2013?

Media Ignore Hillary Bombshell Benghazi Claim

Clinton Demands US Terror Takes Lead In Africa

Br. Nathanael – Jewry’s Plan For Universal Background Checks

Rand To Hillary – ‘I Would’ve Fired You Over Benghazi’

The Old And The New Obama

North Korea Plans New Nuke Test, Threatens US

Venezuela VP Claims Assassination Plot

Tiny Shark Can Take Out Nuclear Submarines – Vid

Now Is The Time To Stop Smart Guns

West Point Defines ‘Domestic Enemies’ To Fight Us

NYPD Test New Scanner To Find Concealed Weapons

’86 Shuttle Photo – Huge Black Triangle UFO In Space – Vid

RAF Radar Chief – I Saw A UFO Fleet

Top UFO Stories Of 2012 – Vid

Holocaust Reaches India

Another Zionist Move Against Pakistan

US Cities With Week 3 P&I Death Rates Above 10%

Top Scientists Condemn Research Into Deadly H5N1 Virus

Madness – Freeze Lifted On Deadly Bird Flu Rresearch

Polish Farmers Block Land Theft For GMO Production

300 Million Americans Pulling 300 Million Directions

2 Illinois Women Try To Stop Smart Meter Install – Arreste

$114 Billion Withdrawn From Big US Banks

JPMorgan CEO Hits Back At Policymakers In Davos

Mini Ice Age Beginning In Great Britain?

Coldest England Winter In 50 Years?

Flooded, Frozen, Cold – Hurricane Sandy Survivors

Kirwan – Celebrate 2013

JoeTalk…Matrix – Vid

Frosty – Continental Divide Bike Ride 2013

Google Reports Record Requests For Private Info

Algeria BP Terrorists ‘Also Took Part In Benghazi Attack’

‘We Aren’t Messengers Of Death In Mali’ (oh?) French Col

Berlin’s Schools Chief Accused Of Plagiarism

Liquid Metal Marbles Revolutionize Nanomaterials – Vid

Can Vegans Stomach The Truth About Quinoa?

‘Electronic Tattoo’ To Track Patients’ Vital Signs

The Lone Ranger Story On Letterman – Vid

Rense & Emord – 2nd Amendment Perfectly Explained

Obama Wants Only Military Leaders Who’ll Shoot US

NRA Chief…Obama Makes ‘Mockery’ Of American Freedoms – Vid

Who Really Controls The World

Insider – How Obama Could Secure A Third Term?

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars

Big Losers In Israeli Elections – US Political Strategists

Israeli Election Results

GMO Foods New Risk From ‘Viral Gene’

Today’s Seafood – Pig Manure, Antibiotics, Diarrhea Bugs

Modern Wheat Is Not Wheat At All

Dick Allgire…A Bird Story – Vid

Video Of The Amazing Dolphin Rescue Off Kona – Vid

Alcohol Reduces Amount Of Time In Deep Sleep

Pharma Shills – Prostate Cancer Rate Will TREBLE In Gen

Common Foods Which Cause DNA Damage

Lynne Stewart’s Struggle For Justice Continues

Oldest Bank In The World Plunges In Latest Derivatives Fiasco

Flashback – Mind Control Programming With Jay Leno

Clif’s Wujo – Challenge, Armed Revolt, Earth Changes – Audio

How Jews ‘Celebrated’ The Israeli Elections?

Reading The Zionists Election Results

Molecular Memory – 1000 Fold Increase In Data Storage Capacity

How To Respond To An Anti Conspiracy Theorist!

USA – The Disposable People – Vid

13 Week 3 IN Flu Deaths Increase Record To 40

Colorado Pediatric Flu Deaths Increase To 5

Scientists Pushing Working On Manmade Deadly Flu Virus

Kirwan – Universal ‘Declaration Of Human Rights’

Anonymous Calls For Civil War To Remove US Govt

Feinstein National ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban Thursday?

NY Rep Wants To Ban 3D Printing Of Guns

Hillary’s Benghazi Testimony Called ‘Complete Bullsh-t’

Stratospheric Phenomenon – Frigid Cold To US – Vid

Icke – Was Aaron Swartz Killed By An MIT Satanic Ring?

No Timetable For Returning Dreamliner To Service

Bobby Jindal To Poor Louisianans – Drop Dead

‘China Cities’ And Chinese FTZs All Over US?

Asst AG Admits Justice Doesn’t Apply To Banks

The Money Institution Must Be Ended – Vid

McGrath – World Debt Domination – Vid

Saudi Arabia, Big Oil & US Foreign Policy, Pt 2 – Vid

The State-Owned Bank Of North Dakota

Iran Won Israeli Elections

Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own, Pt 2 – Vid

Carlin On All-American, World-Class, BULLSHIT – Vid

EUSSR Wants Control Over Press

N Korea Defiant As UN Condemns Rocket Launch

NYC Hasidic Therapist Gets 103 Years For Sex Abuse

Russia Accuses US Jewish Group Of Book Theft

Indian Police Warn Kashmiris To Prep For Nuke War

On Plains Of Armageddon With Battle Already Won

Huge, Glowing UFO In 1897 Over Wisconsin

UFO Pioneer George Fawcett Passes At 83

Baby Escapes Death Twice – Vid

World’s First Asteroid Prospecting Spacecraft Launched

New York City Unveils Micro-Apartments

US Govt Scientists Say Retire Most Research Chimps

The 5 Million Dollar Underground Garage – Vid

Eating Our Way In And Out Of Our Symptoms

Duff – The ADL Owns ‘’ And Many More

McGrath – Shocking Orwellian Control State – Vid

Inaugural Hypocrisy Lowlife Attack On Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner

McGrath – The War On Freedom – Vid

Pike – Hagel And The Requirement Of Apology To Jews

Gilad Atzmon With Jeff – Free Listen MP3

America Is Enslaved By The Jewish Lobby

Israel’s Global Insecurity Industry

Dominant Israeli Parties Spurn Democracy

Israeli Ministry Of Interior Violates Privacy

King…I Have A Dream – Obama…I Have A Drone

Duff – Duping The Truthers

Scientific Approach To Assessing Conspiracy Theories?

Is FEMA A Threat To The American Public?

35 Week 3 Flu Deaths In PA Raise Total To 75

Evidence Grows For Narcolepsy Link To GSK Swine Flu Jab

The Real Story Behind Germanys Gold Recall

Goldman Sachs Turns Global Hunger Into Wall Street Profit

Asian Buyers Snap Up Half Of ‘New’ London Homes

Davos 2013 – Green Governance To Save The World

White Genocide In South Africa

This Child Tells Truth The Media Hides – Vid

The Brain Could Become The Ultimate Weapon

Are We Being Visited? Oz UFO Recorded, Many Sightings

Incredible UFO Footage 2013 Remote Fishing Village – Vid

FAA Offers Explanation For Amherst UFO

Space Explosion To Blame For Tree Ring Mystery

Patients May Suffer ‘Post-Hospital Syndrome’

Wild Horses Sold To Kill Buyer By BLM Contractor

David Icke – Satanic Bloodlines


Cape Breton-Nova Scotia Photos


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Early Morning-Gabarus-Cape Breton-Nova Scotia

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Early Morning in the Village of Gabarus-Cape Breton-Nova Scotia



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UFO’s_Mysteries_Weird Events- Global Cape Breton-Nova Scotia

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  • Starch –and not a caveman version of Cesar Millan– is what helped us turn wolves into dogs.
  • A Yeti theme park in Russia?
  • You just know you need to move to a better neighborhood when the Bigfoot screams are worse than the dog barks.
  • Meet the Mowgli of the cetacean world.
  • The Math formula that tells us how long EVERYTHING will live. If professor Rodriguez had mentioned that, then I’d certainly would have paid attention to his Algebra class!!
  • Alan Turing: Defeater of the Axis, father of our modern computer era. Bigotry prevented him from reaping the fruits of his genius.
  • Media manipulation & the dehumanization of autism.
  • The numbers have spoken: Star Wars fans are superior to Star Trek fans.
  • Obama & the number 4.
  • First they gave us Gangnam, no they want to give us fusion. You rock, South Korea!
  • Inside public transportation, it’s the prototype gadgets what distinguishes the billionaires from the plebes.
  • Is the world ready for 3D-printed houses?
  • When worlds collide… in your hallway.
  • Zé Arigó: Psychic surgeon from Brazil.
  • Hunting for unicorns: David Metcalfe on the JREF’s Million Dollar Challenge Circus.
  • Red Pill of the Day: Alex Jones vs the High Bulbarians of High Death TV –NSFW if you work for the NWO.


Cape Breton-Nova Scotia Photos


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