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30 Jun


maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline....

Ottawa Ontario – Prime Minister Mackenzie King dedicates the Peace Tower carillon in the first Trans-Canada radio network broadcast hookup over telephone and telegraph lines; celebrating the Diamond Jubilee (60th Anniversary) of Confederation. Read King’s speech at our Canadian Discovery Disk page.


Also On This Day...

Melville Island NWT
– Joseph-Elzéar Bernier, captain of the government steamship Arctic, places a metal plaque at Parry Rock claiming Canadian sovereignty over the entire Arctic Archipelago; US and Norwegian whalers and mining companies were trying to convince their governments to pursue territorial claims. That’s him with the musk ox calf. ‘I took possession of Baffin Island for Canada in the presence of several Eskimo,’ said Bernier, ‘and after firing nineteen shots I instructed an Eskimo to fire the twentieth, telling him that he was now a Canadian.’ Read all about it at our Canadian Discovery Disk page.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Dan Aykroyd 1952-
actor, comedian, harmonica player, blues singer, director, writer, Hard Rock Cafe owner, was born on this day at Ottawa in 1952. Aykroyd started his professional career with Second City, then moved to Saturday Night Live (1975-79) as the Weekend Update anchor, Jimmy Carter, Tom Snyder, Beldar Conehead and Elwood, one of the Blues Brothers with John Belushi; has acted in films such as Ghostbusters, Driving Miss Daisy, Dr. Detroit, 1941, My Stepmother is an Alien, Dragnet.
To find out more about Dan Ackroyd, check out this Dan Aykroyd fan site, or The House of Blues page.

Also Pamela Anderson Lee 1967-
actor, was born Pamela Denise Anderson on this day at Ladysmith British Columbia in 1967. Lee has played Home Improvement’s Lisa the Tool Time Girl, Baywatch’s C.J. Parker, and in the movie Barb Wire; Playboy Playmate of the Month February 1990.

Also Geneviève Bujold 1942-
film actor, was born on this day at Montreal in 1942. Bujold has played in films like La Guerre est Finie, King of Hearts, Choose Me, Anne of the Thousand Days, Coma.

Also Michelle Wright 1961-
country singer/guitarist, songwriter, drummer, was born on this day in 1961.

In Other Events….
1992 Ottawa Ontario – Prime Minister Brian Mulroney breaks with tradition by naming some non-politicians to the Privy Council to honour Canada’s 125th birthday. Appointees include hockey great Maurice Richard; business leaders Conrad Black and Charles Bronfman; painter Alex Colville; writers W. O. Mitchell and Bruce Hutchison; Nobel Prize-winning scientist John Polanyi; Micmac poet Rita Joe; former Cabinet Ministers Ellen Fairclough, Alvin Hamilton, Jean-Luc Pepin, Jack Pickersgill, Martiel Asselin and Paul Martin Sr; former MPs Lorne Nystrom, William Scott and Marcel Prudhomme; former Premiers David Peterson and Robert Lorne Stanfield; former NDP MP Pauline Jewitt (she dies four days later, on July 5).
1992 Ottawa Ontario – Queen Elizabeth II 1926- speaks to crowd of 50,000 on Parliament Hill; presides over Privy Council ceremony; praises Canadian peacekeepers in Yugoslavia.
1992 Ottawa Ontario – Alan Lund dies; former artistic director of the Charlottetown Festival; staged Anne of Green Gables.
1983 Edmonton Alberta – Start of ten-day World University Games; Canada has best-ever showing: third behind US and USSR.
1980 Ottawa Ontario – Calixa Lavallée’s ‘O Canada’ officially proclaimed the national anthem of Canada; written in 1880 for St-Jean-Baptiste celebration; original words by A-B Routhier; English by Stanley Weir (1908).
1974 Toronto Ontario – David Haber 1927- appointed Artistic Director of the National Ballet of Canada, succeeding Celia Franca.
1971 Vancouver BC – Pierre Trudeau 1919- opens $2.5 million museum for aboriginal artifacts on UBC campus; gift from Canada to honour province’s centennial.
1970 Winnipeg Manitoba – Pierre Trudeau tells Canada Day heckler concerned about unsold grain, ‘Relax mister. You can’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders every day. This is a fun day.’
1968 Ottawa Ontario – Unveiling of bronze statue of former Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King 1874-1950, by Raoul Hunter, on Parliament Hill.
1968 Geneva Switzerland – Canada signs nuclear non-proliferation treaty with the US, Britain, USSR and 57 other countries.
1967 Winnipeg Manitoba – United College becomes the University of Winnipeg.
1967 Ottawa Ontario – Queen Elizabeth II 1926- attends centennial celebrations on Parliament Hill.
1966 Toronto Ontario – CTV station CFTO-TV transmits first colour television in Canada.
1965 Ottawa Ontario – Canadian Labour Code comes into effect for all government employees.
1962 Saskatchewan – Ninety percent of doctors of the Saskatchewan College of Physicians and Surgeons close their offices for 23 days, providing only hospital-based emergency services; delays start of Tommy Douglas’ CCF government Medicare compulsory medical care insurance plan; reach compromise July 23 after amendments to Saskatchewan Medical Care Insurance Act.
1960 Canada – Treaty and registered aboriginal Canadians given the right to vote.
1959 New Brunswick – Federal-provincial hospital plan goes into effect in New Brunswick.
1958 Conrwall Ontario – Ontario Hydro engineers blast away St. Lawrence River cofferdam; lets water build up for power station; man-made Lake St. Lawrence will be 40 km long, 64 km wide.
1958 Canada – CBC starts nationwide TV broadcasts as new Trans-Canada microwave relay system goes into operation.
1958 Canada – Federal-provincial hospital plan goes into effect in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Newfoundland.
1944 Bretton Woods New Hampshire – Canada attends United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference; until July 22.
1942 Ottawa Ontario – Wartime sugar rationing starts in Canada.
1941 Ottawa Ontario – Unemployment Insurance Act comes into effect; establishment of Unemployment Insurance Commission.
1935 Regina Saskatchewan – City police and RCMP wade into crowds at Regina Exhibition Grounds rally to arrest leaders of the On to Ottawa trek after they return from unsuccessful meeting with Prime Minister Bennett in Ottawa; one policeman killed, many police and rioters injured; end of trek by 2000 relief camp strikers from Western Canada; four days later the protesters are given rail transportation home.
1927 Ottawa Ontario – Governments of Canada and Britain first communicate directly, bypassing the Governor-General.
1927 Toronto Ontario – Queen’s Park passes law requiring all drivers in Ontario to have a license.
1926 Ottawa Ontario – Arthur Meighen 1874-1960 takes Canada back on the gold Standard.
1923 Ottawa Ontario – Parliament passes legislation which virtually suspends all Chinese immigration to Canada; day known to Chinese community as Humiliation Day. In 1885, Chinese immigrants were required to pay an entry fee, or head tax of $50 for entry into Canada; by 1900, as immigration continued, the amount was raised to $100 and then to $500.
1916 Beaumont-Hamel France – Newfoundland troops capture Beaumont-Hamel on the first day of the Battle of the Somme; bloodiest battle in history will cause casualties of one million dead or wounded by the time it ends in November.
1912 Nanaimo BC – Canadian Pacific leases the Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway Company on Vancouver Island.
1904 St Louis Missouri – Third modern Olympic games open in St Louis; to Nov. 23; Canada does not send a team, but some Canadian athletes compete along with 13 official nations and 625 competitors; Montreal policeman Etienne Desmarteaux will win gold in the hammer throw.
1890 Hamilton Bermuda – Telegraph cable links Canada and Bermuda.
1886 Calgary Alberta – Huge fireworks display celebrates arrival of the Pacific Express, the CPR’s first through passenger train to the Pacific coast, en route for Port Moody, BC.
1885 Washington DC – US terminates reciprocity and fishery clauses worked out at Treaty of Washington March 8, 1871; Americans allowed to fish under treaty terms until end of season.
1881 St Stephen New Brunswick – World’s first international telephone call made to Calais, Maine.
1881 Toronto Ontario – Toronto Stock Exchange moves into first permanent HQ at 24 King Street East; boom year; price of a seat as high as $4,000.
1878 Geneva Switzerland – Canada admitted to membership in Universal Postal Union.
1873 PEI – Prince Edward Island enters Confederation as the seventh Canadian province on same terms as BC; provincial government, annual grants, debt takeover (nearly bankrupt due to $4 million railway debt).
1876 Quebec Quebec – Through rail travel opens to Halifax from Quebec.
1871 Victoria BC – British Columbia enters Confederation as the sixth Canadian province; keeps provincial government, debt takeover, undertaking to build Pacific railroad.
1871 Ottawa Ontario – Parliament makes decimal currency system uniform across Canada.
1871 Ottawa Ontario – Founding of the Parliamentary Library in Ottawa.
1870 Ottawa Ontario – George-Etienne Cartier 1814-1873 passes Order-in-Council committing government to start building a railway to Pacific within two years, as condition of BC’s entry into Confederation; after false starts and consolidations, construction will begin May 1881.
1868 Ottawa Ontario – Founding of the Department of Marine and Fisheries.
1867 Ottawa Ontario – John Alexander Macdonald 1815-1891 sworn in as Canada’s first Prime Minister; to November 5, 1873; the new Dominion starts life with just 30 civil servants.
1867 Canada -Proclamation of the British North America Act, creating the Dominion of Canada out of Upper Canada (now Ontario, with its capital at Toronto), Lower Canada (now Quebec, with its capital at Quebec), Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Canada not yet allowed to deal directly with other states or control immigration; Canadian armed forces still commanded by British officers.
1865 Quebec Quebec – Quebec City becomes the capital of Canada East.
1860 Ottawa Ontario – The Prince of Wales, later Edward VII, lays the cornerstone of the Parliament Buildings of the Province of Canada.
1860 Saint John, New Brunswick – European and North American Railway opens from Saint John to Shediac; becomes part of the Intercolonial Railway on this day in 1867.
1860 London England – Britain transfers control of Indian affairs to Canada.
1858 Montreal Quebec – First Canadian coins minted, in denominations of one cent, five cents, 10 cents and 20 cent pieces; no regular issue of bills until 1870.
1857 Aberdeen Scotland – Aberdeen Scotland: Francis McClintock sails in the Fox to determine fate of Franklin expedition; organized by Lady Franklin; has to delay search of King William Island until 1859.
1838 Coppermine NWT – Simpson & Dease reach mouth of Coppermine River.
1835 Quebec Quebec – Archibald Acheson, Lord Gosford 1776-1849 appointed Governor-in- Chief of Lower Canada; serves from Aug. 25, 1835 to March 30, 1838
1828 Fort Vancouver BC – Alexander McLeod attacks lodge of Challum Indians to avenge murder of HBC clerk in January; Chief Trader at Fort Vancouver.
1815 Toronto Ontario – Frederick Robinson 1763-1852 appointed provisional Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada; serves until Sept. 21, 1815
1796 Detroit Michigan – Jay Treaty comes into effect; British withdraw from Detroit, Grand Portage, and Michilimackinac; both parties have free use of Great Lakes.
1792 Kingston Ontario – Lt-Col John Graves Simcoe arrives to take up his post as first lieutenant governor of Upper Canada.
1782 Lunenberg Nova Scotia – American privateers attack Lunenberg.
1752 Paris France – Ange Duquesne de Menneville, Marquis de Duquesne c1700-1778 appointed Governor of New France; serves from July 1 to June 24, 1755.
1742 Churchill Manitoba – Christopher Middleton d1770 explores north from Churchill on board the Furnace to find North West passage; with William Moor (d1765) in Discovery.
1629 Baleine Nova Scotia – James Stuart, Lord Ochiltree lands with 60 colonists at Baleine, Cape Breton; granted barony by William Alexander.


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