Global Mysteries for Cape Breton Islanders

06 Aug

A video purporting to show a UFO falling from the sky above Amsterdam yesterday has been posted on YouTube and is analyzed, to some extent, by reporter Tracey Parece. But the Amsterdam incident isn’t the only appearance of UFOs reported anywhere outside the United States, of course, and Parece also has footage of one YouTube offering in UFO with Two Large Flickering Red Lights Hovers Over New Zealand [Video]. There is more on New Zealand sightings, including more videos, in Rotorua UFO Claims Spark International Reaction. Meanwhile, there are multiple reports from the United States in the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting data center, beginning with an August 5, 2011, sighting described in Pennsylvania UFO Hovers 20 Feet Off Ground Along Route 422; continuing with a July 30, 2011, incident in which witnesses and the object seemed to interact, detailed in Ohio Family Reports Odd Object Hovering Under Street Lamp; moving on to a sighting from August 2, 2011, noted in Michigan Woman Reports UFO Hovering Low Over I-275; and concluding with another August 2, 2011, incident detailed, with photo, in Massachusetts Witness: Object ‘Basketball Size’ and 40 Feet Off Ground.


From the maverick science news: Jay Stuart Wakefield, Author of the Month at The Official Graham Hancock Website Forum presents an alternative view of history he believes proves an ancient connection between the Old World and the New. Enormous quantities of copper were mined in Michigan during the Bronze Age, and discoveries of large quantities of copper ingots in the Mediterranean area and the British Isles have been distinguished by historians admitting they did not know where the copper came from. Isotopic studies proved that the copper that fueled the Bronze Age did not come from Cyprus, which takes its name from the metal. Ten tons of copper “oxhide” ingots were recovered from a 1300 BC shipwreck off the coast of Uluburun Turkey, and those ingots, along with many other copper artifacts, were found to be made of a low impurity copper not found in Europe. Is this the missing Michigan copper? Was it mined by giants 7- to 8-feet-tall? Were the Atlanteans involved in this copper industry? With images. Elsewhere, there’s more on the archaeological front with the release of a new book documenting ancient man’s surprising Neolithic excavations, as seen in Going Underground: The Massive European Network of Stone Age Tunnels That Weave from Scotland to Turkey.

The almost certainly fictional account of the United States Navy’s Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s 1947 flight into the center of the Earth through the North Polar ice-cap, as supposedly detailed in his secret diary, is resurrected in this posting by Lon Strickler. Strickler follows the “diary” entries with his own take on the possibility of another race occupying Earth’s interior and the possibility of this superior race being responsible for some of the encounters with beings, often thought to be extraterrestrials, who might actually be “intraterrestrials.” Meanwhile, Micah Hanks addresses the idea UFOs might actually not be from another planet, solar system or galaxy in Plan Nine From Outer Space…or Someplace Else? Also, Lon Strickler and co-host Eric Altman will welcome Bill Bean who tells about his family’s battle with demonic forces in his books Dark Force and Delivered during their weekly webradio show tomorrow night at 10:00 ET, as announced in Beyond the Edge Radio. And Aaron Wright has a basketful of subjects to discuss, including a “real Cowboys and Aliens account from 1865,” available now for download or to listen online in Episode 604 – Mysterious Universe.

Dr. Michael Salla of exopolitics fames decries the fact that early accounts of contact with extraterrestrials who look human enough to pass themselves off among any of Earth’s communities have been treated as bogus inventions of hucksters or the mentally disturbed. Then Salla presents a full video documentary of what’s known as the “Friendship” encounter that supposedly took place between a base of human looking aliens, some extremely tall and others extremely short, operating from a base on the north-eastern Italian coast and meeting in friendly fashion with hundreds of Italian citizens, openly. Elsewhere, Nick Redfern points to other tales from long ago that also be construed as contact with extraterrestrial beings, as he reveals in An Early Contactee? Meanwhile, hypnotherapist Craig Harris reveals his own sighting of a UFO and reveals his work with abductees in UFO The Truth is Out There. Also, Rick Martin has quite a bit of footage and Lisa Lee Harp Waugh reviews the Brad and Sherry Hansen Steiger book Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds in Real Proof of UFOs & Aliens on Video; and there’s a full-length video documentary at Unexplained Mysteries entitled Close Encounters – Proof of Alien Contact.

Loren Coleman spotlights this day in history with sea serpent lore and the notation that this the date of the birth of “the great American intellectual who has given his name to the entire study of unexplained phenomena, Charles Hoy Fort (August 6, 1874 – May 3, 1932).” Coleman also has the tales of two mysterious briny beasts from the archives, with illustrations, in August in the North Atlantic: Sea Serpents and Merbeings.



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