New World Order News For_Cape Breton_Islanders

06 Aug


The Protest Of The Synagogue Of Rome

Once Again, Hasbara Agent Exposed

An Interview With Eric Walberg

My Struggle With Homosexuality

Terrible Truth About Facebook – Vid

Monsanto’s FDA Goes After Only Safe US Milk

Costly US Power Grid Tests W/o Public Consent

Corsi – Sidekick Duties – Causing Big Trouble For Obama Critics

Corsi – Meet ‘PJ Foggy’ – Birth Certificate Fraudster

Charlie McGrath – Collapse Crisis Escalates – Vid

 US Loses AAA Credit Rating After S&P Downgrade

S&P Chops US Credit, AAA To AA+ – Black Monday Due?

Clueless TEPCO To Use ‘Shower Spray’ On #3 Reactor

 Rense Exclusive – Leonor – Libya Without NATO Lies – Vid


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