Global Mysteries for Cape Breton Islanders

07 Aug


News video shows what was found on a Minnesota highway last week, apparently the victim of sudden impact with someone’s car, truck or van. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has been unable to identify the nearly hairless creature so far, and witness opinions have ranged from a badger with mange to a skunk. Meanwhile, a creature that has never been found on the roadside dead is the centerpiece of a remembrance of farmer Hans J. Mobius’ snapshots of a “furry black monster standing next to (his) John Deere Gator” in a pasture on his Clarence, NY, farm, five years ago, as recalled in Monster Mania, with images. Elsewhere, an Illinois newspaper writer laments his town’s lack of a cryptid drawing card and offers up the suggestion of the “Panther Creek Possum, a marsupial 6 to 7 feet tall, rumored to live in the deep ravines of (a) state fish and wildlife area” as a Photoshopped candidate in Springfield Needs a Monster. Also, the last Tasmanian Tiger known to have been alive has made his way onto a commemorative coin, as shown in Thylacine Coin Inspired by Benjamin Footage.


Speaking up for the first time since the famous Rendlesham Forest UFO incident three decades ago, the U. S. Air Force commander of the post at the time has disagreed with the testimonies of his deputies who were on the scene during the incident. Colonel Conrad was the commander during the three nights of incidents around Christmas or 1980, and there is more of his comments on the investigation of the claims in Rendlesham Incident: US Commander Speaks for the First Time About the ‘Suffolk UFO’. Elsewhere, with the movie “Cowboys & Aliens” lighting up the box offices, a few archived accounts of UFO sightings during the American expansion into the Wild West can be found in Real Cowboys and Aliens? 1808: School Teacher Records UFO Event in Her Diary and 1865 – Trapper Reports Witnessing Crash of ‘Compartmented Craft With Strange Hieroglyphics’. Meanwhile, Rick Phillips notes a change in UFO sightings that he began noticing on October 13, 2010, as he explains in `UFO Crowds’ Add Credibility For The Great Gig In The Sky, and the effect seems to bear out in his report Hundreds Report Daytime ‘UFO’ Near Akron – TV Report.

Besides being a good name for a rock band, orange goo can be a real puzzle for those who suddenly find it coating their harbor, floating ashore, and, following rainshowers, floating on top of the water collected in their rain barrels. That’s what happened in a Fortean event last Wednesday in the Alaskan village of Kivalina. Samples of the apparently airborne goo have been collected and sent away for analysis, but so far no one has come forth with the identity or origins of the puzzling material.

From the maverick science news: Author and researcher Richard Cassaro, whose new book Written in Stone will be released next month, has put forth what he considers new evidence of a “Mother Culture” that preceded all the ancient civilizations in the Old World and the New World. Scholars had long noted the similarities between the megalithic architecture of the Middle East and of South and Central America, as well as the Egyptian and Mayan institutions of mummification of the dead, gold funeral masks used on both sides of the world and many other parallels pointed out by Cassaro. Now, Cassaro adds a special feature of temples on both sides of the Atlantic. Does the building of religious temples with “three sacred spaces” incorporated into the portal entries or doorways indicate the cultures of the Old and New Worlds share the connection of a vanished culture that preceded them, like the culture of Atlantis? With images.


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