New World Order News For_Cape Breton_Islanders

07 Aug


NATO’s Terror Marshals

Exactly How Big Is This So-Called Al Qaeda?

Libyan Fire Rockets At Royal Navy Warship 

31 SEALS Die As Chinook Said Shot Down – Vid

Washington Post’s Profits Dive By 50%

Polygamist Leader Walks Out Of Sentencing Hearing

Police Convicted Over Katrina Bridge Shootings

FBI Offers Child Safety Smartphone App

Pedophile Warren Jeffs and Senator Orrin Hatch

Time To End US Two-Party System? (long past)

House Advances Internet Surveillance Bill

Texas Warns Of Rolling Blackouts, Heatwave

Proof US Government & Military Are Run By Israel – Vid

 Solar Flares May Cause GPS Problems

Solar CME Bursts May Affect Communications, Power Grid

New Trade Deals Pushed By Fascist Obama

$3 Trillion Shares Wiped Out From World Economy 

US Credit Downgrade Is End Of World – Here’s Why

 Rude Awakening

Downgrade A Damning Indictment Of Obama’s Rule

World Reacts To US Downgrade

China Tells US Good Ole Borrowing Days Are Over

US Credit Cut Prompts Warning From China 

China Won’t Loan US Any More Money

 Text For Economic Collapse A Mathematical Certainty

Economic Collapse A Certainty – Black Monday? – Vid

Clueless TEPCO To Use ‘Shower Spray’ On #3 Reactor

 Rense Exclusive – Leonor – Libya Without NATO Lies – Vid

Kaku – Fukushima Radiation Can KIll Someone In Seconds – Vid


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