New World Order News For_Cape Breton_Islanders

08 Aug



10 Million Awarded In Taser Death, Who Pays?

Operation ‘Shady Rat’ – US Blames China For Hacking

Scientists Warn Of Facial Recognition Privacy Invasion

Italian Kids Swap Hard Core Videos Of Their Classmates 

France, Italy To Bail Banks As Euro Crisis Worsens 

Germany Refuses To Bail Out Italy

 QE3 Hyperinflation Disaster On The Way

America’s Cratering Economy

Basket Of Currencies & Gold May Sub For US Dollar

Iran’s Oil Bourse – Who Is Next?

Banks Bulldozing Towns Across America

Wall Street’s Tax On Main Street

US National Debt Really $211 TRILLION

Brown – The Market Has Spoken – Austerity Is Bad For Business

Open Sunday, Tel Aviv Stocks Drop 7%

Comments – The Killing Of The SEALS Who Killed ‘bin Laden’

Who Shot Down SEALs In Afghanistan?  – Dead Men Don’t Talk

The Execution Of SEAL Team Six

Kaku – Fukushima Radiation Can KIll In Seconds – Vid

Exclusive – Increasing NATO Crimes In Libya – Leonor – Vid

NOAA Warns About Solar Storms

Weekly South African Report

The Great Hiroshima Coverup

Fukushima City Secretly Dumping Masses Of Radioactive Dirt

Fukushima Water Decon Plant At Dead Stop Again

Drywell Leaks Shuts Down NY Nuclear Plant

OKC Rain 1.62 Microsieverts Per Hour – Bad News


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