New World Order News For_Cape Breton_Islanders

09 Aug

Cape Breton Fireside Blog Links:


Corrupt AZ Police Chief Calls Oathkeepers, Tea Party ‘Terrorists’

Gates Spends $90m To Push GMO Revolution

Denver TSA Take Pregnant Woman’s Insulin & Ice Packs

OH Campus Cops Execute Star Athlete, Student With Taser

Immigration-Caused Coming Mega Traumas

London In Lockdown As Cameron Flies Home

London Riots – Twitter Users Faces Arrest For Inciting Looters

How Did The Metro Police Lose Control Of London? 

London Riots Escalate, Spread To Birmingham

Makow – Polish Crash Cover-Up Continues

National Response To FDA Armed Raids On Rawesome

 G. Edward Griffin – Fiat Money Is Fools Gold

AIG To Sue BoA For $10 Billion Massive Fraud

BoA Stock Has Fallen 50% In A Month 

Debt Deal Not Downgrade Is Cause Of Crash

20 Most Dangerous Conservatives

9/11 Lawyers (Working Both Sides) Pocket $400 Million

Br Nathanael – The American Dream Is Over – Vid

Mass Of Congressmen Going To Israel For Training

81 US Congressmen To Visit Israhell In Coming Weeks

Gold Now $1753.80 (at time of post) 

 Radiation Team Finds 16,000 CPM In Exclusion Zone – Pics

Japan Foreign Minister – ‘Stop Claiming Food Is Safe’


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