Global Mysteries for Cape Breton Islanders

10 Aug

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The unusual white creature found dead in the road in Alexandria, Minnesota, has been examined by Minnesota’s Department of Natural Resources and identified as a badger. The giveaway was the animal’s front feet which have five long claws just like a badger; the white coloring was the result of decomposition. Also identified, this time by officials at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Alaska Fisheries Service Center, is another recent mystery: Mysterious Orange ‘Goo’ in Alaska is Egg Mass From Unknown Species.


First, a family in north Springfield, MO, contacted the Ozark Mountain Paranormal Investigation Team because odd things were happening in their home. Then Robert McCall, the co-founder of the group, came to investigate and recalled: “I came around to lock up the front door and as soon as I turned the corner I heard a growling disturbance on my EVP and seen something darker then dark move around in the hallway so I just started taking pictures of a completely dark hallway with nobody there.” But something showed up on the camera. Is it a reaper, a mother and child, or an illusion? And in Terror of the Evil Little Man — Part One, Jason Offutt recounts the story of a gnome-like creature that terrorized a family in their two-story home in Porterville, California.

On August 3rd, six witnesses observed a large, chevron-shped object with a half dozen non-blinking lights cross the sky while making no sound. A week earlier a Silent egg-shaped UFO was reported over Kentucky. The object, which was captured on a camcorder, had flashing lights and was moving very slowly. What are those strange objects in our sky? Are they Morphing/Shape-shifting UFOs or “Nuts and Bolts” machines? And are UFOs somehow less “real” than they were in the 1950s?

A travel piece about the two-room Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton, California, that’s run by Michael Rugg, who has been building this collection of all things Bigfoot since his own Bigfoot encounter as a child. In 2004, he decided to turn a life-long hobby into a career, displaying his books, images, and memorabilia for the public. Elsewhere, in Bigfoot Spotted Here, we have a profile of Ohio Bigfoot investigator Marc DeWerth, who had his own Bigfoot sighting in Ohio in 1997 while hunting for badger dens. And finally a Follow Up on a Recent Nessie Sighting by the Hargreaves of Foyers, which concludes: “what the Hargreaves saw back in June was no optical illusion or misperception but a genuine sight[ing] of the Loch Ness Monster.”


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