New World Order News For_Cape Breton_Islanders

10 Aug

Cape Breton Fireside Blog Links:


Br Nathanael – The American Dream Is Over – Vid

Kansas Returns ObamaCare Grant

Syrian Defense Minister Killed By His Predator President

McGrath On RT – US Not Living Within Its Means – Vid

Neocon Hawks Push For Iraq-Style Sanctions On Iran

Birthright And Dual Citizenship – Administrative Tyranny 

‘Courtroom Dog’ Helps Young Rape Victim Testify

Undergrad Brings Invisibility Cloak Closer

Privacy Warning Over Smart Meter Personal Data

Radiation Dose Chart 

CA Decides On Privacy Standards For Smart Meters!

Apple Versus Exxon By The Numbers

Are The Raw Milk Lawsuits A Worry?

Dirty UN World Food Program Exports GMOs To Africa

Heat Causes Texas Train To Derail From Warped Tracks

London – Will Youth Riots Bring Martial Law?

Outrage Sparks Court Brawl On Ballot Fraud – Vid

The Day The Middle Class Died

Greece Bans Short Selling As Stocks Tank

US Treasury Increases Cash/Debt By $20b In One Night!

 The Collapse Celente Predicted Is Happening!

 NATO Is Killing Libyan Children & Families

Br Nathanael – The American Dream Is Over – Vid

 Rense & David Duke – Zionism, Immigration, Cultural Heritage – Vid

‘I Created Obama’s Certification Of Birth’

Libyans Under The NATO Onslaught – Vid

 Proven NATO Massacre Of Residents Of Zliten, Libya – Vid


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