Global Mysteries for Cape Breton Islanders

11 Aug

Cape Breton Fireside Blog Links:


The latest release, the eighth, of UFO files from the British Ministry of Defence includes 34 formerly secret documents. They contain what may be, says David Clarke, “the most important revelation so far in the British disclosure programme,” an admission by the MoD’s Defence Intelligence Staff that “lack of funds and higher priorities” had prevented any detailed study of the thousands of reports they had received since the end of the Second World War. A companion piece by Clarke, entitled National Archives UFO Files #8, discusses the documents pertaining to a secret analysis of “UFO photographs, the Lakeheath/Bentwaters UFO, the Channel Islands aircraft sighting, as well as the 70 pages of censored documents surrounding the clearance of Nick Pope’s book Open Skies Closed Minds. Elsewhere the steady stream of UFO reports continue: Circular UFO over Kentucky described as having a ‘halo’ and Huge star-like object rises from North Carolina wooded area.


Details of an encounter with what was described as a wolfman on August 5th in Baraga County, Upper Peninsula, Michigan. “It was on all fours and had back legs like those of a large man. It had jet black fur and looked like a very large wolf other than the back legs and the human-like rump. There was no tail. The profile of the head and snout were that of a wolf.” A similar creature was seen by two people in nearby Tioga, Baraga County in the Autumn of 2008. Elsewhere, in Hillstranded, Caddy and Snooki Triumphant! a journalist reviews the new TV show that featured what was promoted as being unmistakeable evidence of the existence of “Caddy,” a 40-to-60-foot long sea serpent often sighted off the British Columbia coast. The conclusion? “The Hillstrand brothers probably did more damage to the careful, budding science of cryptozoology in that one-hour show than a decades worth of painstaking research into the real, grandiloquent wonders of the world.” Can the damage be undone? Are you Heading to Champ Camp? This event, brought to you by Michael Esordi of Believe It Tour and Craig Woolheater of Cryptomundo, is an effort to build community, cryptozoologically. The event takes place Friday, August 12, 2011, at 7:00 pm – August 14, 2011, at 1:00 pm.

A detailed investigation of some suspicious animal deaths in Argentina in June of 2011. The report concludes that that deaths were due to the attack of one or more predators migrating through the area, but insists that the mystery remains “as the five animals were attacked on the same side (left), 15 km distant from each other and with a week’s difference.” Cattle mutilations is a subject that has never been covered in book form by Nick Redfern–at least not yet. Not so of MIBs, however. Ken Gerhard reviews Nick Redfern’s The Real Men in Black in Redfern suggests the real ‘Men in Black’ are alien enforcers and Neil Arnold does the same on his blog Zooform. Concerned with other issues, Magonia reviews Two Occult Re-Issues.


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