Cape Breton’s Carmel Mikol releases new album

12 Aug

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SYDNEY — Writing in all its forms drives artist Carmel Mikol.

So, it should come as no surprise that the singer-songwriter is releasing a small book “Creature of Habit” with her second LP, “Creature,” which was officially launched in stores Tuesday.

“I think I’m always just trying to keep myself open and challenged and growing because I just don’t want to become stagnant as an artist in any way,” explained the North River, Victoria County native, who now resides in Halifax. “I don’t want to write the same songs over again and I don’t want to write the same story over again, so you have to keep yourself sort of on the edge of what you think you can do and push yourself a bit.”

After a year of touring extensively across Canada and the United States with her debut album “In My Bones,” Mikol returned home to Cape Breton to record “Creature,” live off the floor with her band at Lakewind Sound Studios in Point Aconi.

“It’s a lot different than the first album,” said Carmel of her latest project. “I know exactly every inch of what happened to make this record and it feels, in some ways, a lot more fulfilling because it was so much more in-depth and complicated and complex of a project.”

The eight-song collection features a mix of full-band tracks and more intimate acoustic songs.

“I really like to have that balance to kinda show both sides, to show the really well-rehearsed band versions of things and then just the purely artistic more solo ones,” she said.

The tracks include fan favourite “Twenty Something Girl,” the deeply personal “I Miss the Moon,” and the title track “Creature,” which explores the dark and light sides of the human experience.

As for the LP’s accompanying book, Mikol said it features short stories, poetry and the lyrics to the songs.

“It ends up giving people a way wider context for where the songs are coming from, sort of half-fiction, half-truth, and it gave me a chance to showcase a bit of my other writing as well, which is something that I’m wanting to focus on a lot these days,” she said.

Mikol has two album and book release shows planned this week, the first at home in Cape Breton, Friday at 8 p.m. in the upper room of the Lobster Galley Restaurant in South Haven, and the second Saturday at Company House in Halifax.

Tickets to Friday’s show are $15 and are available online at, and at the Lobster Galley, Bean There Cafe in Baddeck, or at the door the night of the show.

A triple nominee at the 2011 East Coast Music Awards, Mikol’s songwriting has garnered her international attention, winning the folk category in the 2010 Great American Song Contest. She plans to tour in the U.S. and Canada this fall, and will be back in Cape Breton to perform at the Celtic Colours International Festival in October.

“Creature” is available for purchase at music stores across the country and online at



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