New World Order News For_Cape Breton_Islanders

12 Aug

Cape Breton Fireside Blog Links:



How TV Ruined Your Life – Vid

The China Syndrome – US Has Basically Defaulted

Obama Is Destroying Middle Income US Families

5 Reasons Why US Riots Will Be World’s Worst

Giraldi – Big Brother Has Arrived

Zionist Agenda Has Crushed Nearly Every Social Value 

UK Riots – When Does Defender Become Vigilante?

UK May Use Army In Future Riots – Cameron

 Forget Rubber Bullets – The Sheep Want Tear Gas, Tasers

David Duke – Riots & Race In Once Great Britain – Vid

Nuclear Safety – A Dangerous Veil Of Secrecy 

Japan’s Nuke Agency Hides Child Radiation Results

Radioactive Beef Served In 296 Japan Schools 

Foreign MSM Funded By USAID & Soros

Disaster Preparedness For The Elderly

Loch Ness Monster-Like Animal Filmed in Alaska?

Human Hybrid Genetic Research – Vid 

‘Cash For Kids’ Judge Gets 28 Years

Dark Cloud Over Growing Antidepressant Rx Use

DoE Panel Advises Revealing Only SOME Fracking Chemicals

Canada Needs US Fracked Gas for Oil Extraction

Al Gore’s ‘Bullshit’ Rant – Vid

Soros & Other Investors Buying Up Farmland

G7, Central Banks Keep Interest Low Insuring Disaster

FKN News – Slave Riots

Gardasil Warning – Vid

Rick Gardasil Death Perry Closing In On Romney

GM Crops And The Death North America’s Bees 

Luxury Retailer Reports Profits Up 20%

Maine Smart Meter Opt-Out To Cost Each Home $144 Yr!

Maine – Big Lawsuit Win Against Smart Meters

Help Wanted – Losers To Spy For Obama & DHS

Neocon Obama’s War Plans

Anders Breivik – The Far Right & The Faux Right

Makow – The Rothschild They Murdered 

Illuminati Hunt Down Dissident

$300m Hypersonic Prototype Goes Missing 

Electronic Skin Tattoo Has Medical, Gaming, Spy Uses

Kirwan – Blindsided

Romney – ‘Corporations Are People’ At Iowa State Fair

Libya War Lies Are Whoppers!

NATO Butchers Cut Water, Power To Sabha – Leonor – Vid

Russia Rejects Shipment Of Radioactive Japanese Cars

Canada Citizens To Do Own Radiation Testing – Govt Won’t

Radiation ‘May’ Lead To Decreased Population (ya think?)

 Fukushima To Be Turned In Massive Human Research Lab

Melted Fuel Probably No Longer In Reactor 2 Containment

252,422 Bq/kg Of Cesium In Person Outside Exclusion Zone

 6.0 Quake Shakes Wrecked Fukushima Nuclear Plant


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