New World Order News For_Cape Breton_Islanders

13 Aug

Cape Breton Fireside Blog Links:


Zionist Agenda Has Crushed Nearly Every Social Value 

Moral Decay Of Society From The Top Down

Kirwan – Naming Names

Key Obamacare Provision Ruled Unconstitutional

Democrats Call For Jobs ‘Super Committee’

Postal Service Wants To Cut 120,000 Jobs

Did Mark Cuban Predict The Market Crash?

Ellen Brown’s ‘Solution’ – QE3, More Spending & Taxes

What QE3 Will Look Like

Super Congress Funded By Defense, Healthcare & Unions

Felonious Munk – ‘OBAMA, PAY YOUR F*ckin BILLS !!!’ – Vid

 20% Congress Off To Meet With Their Israeli Masters

US ‘Representatives’ Are Sellouts To Israel

Ron Paul Brilliant In Iowa Debate – Vid

Melted Fuel Probably No Longer In Reactor 2 Containment 

Latest Japan Discovery – Radioactive Firewood   Fukushima Fallout Found To Exceed Chernobyl Worst – Vid

Latest Japan Discovery – Radioactive Firewood

US Military Hypersonic Glider Launched, Lost – Vid

 Toronto Councilman Attacks Communism

Illuminati Use Cancer To Hold Us Hostage 

Pedophilia Is Hollywood’s Biggest Problem

Agrochemicals, Energy Plants, GM Crops Killing People

Two New GM Soy Strains Set To Invade EU

Euro ‘Unrest’ – Entirely Staged Political Theater

Outrage Over TSA Abuse Grows – Vid

Obama’s Rape Of America – Jon McNaughton – Vid

Gunderson Warns TVA Not To Finish Bellefonte Nuke Plant – Vid



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