Global Mysteries for Cape Breton Islanders

14 Aug

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What currently unknown government aviation projects are whisking their way across domestic air space and masquerading as UFOs? According to MUFON STAR Team Manager and Texas Chief Investigator Fletcher Gray, one of those secret projects may be the Falcon HTV-2 Project, which made headline news after its crash in the South Pacific on August 11th. He notes that “Other test projects of this type called Black Swift and the HTV-3 may have contributed to a lot of the sighting reports over the years that may have been filed with MUFON.” Elsewhere, a UFO so large as to be physically impossible: UFO five miles wide: Series of odd events unfold in Missouri. What in the world is going on here?


Many people think that either the end of the world–or something–will occur on December 12, 2012. The key ingredient to such thinking are the beliefs of both ancient and modern Maya people. Here is an interview with University of Kansas archeologist John Hoopoes, who has conducted research at sites in Costa Rica and other parts of Central and South America and has an interest in how pseudo-archeology influences pop culture. Here he talks about where 2012 myths come from, why scientists need to study and address pseudo-science movements, and why he thinks the 2012 phenomenon owes as much to H.P. Lovecraft and Aldous Huxley as it does to the ancient Maya. In other bubble-popping news, it seems that Nemesis No More? Comet-Hurling ‘Death Star’ Most Likely a Myth A new study shows that the evidence for a so-called “death star” lurking at the outer reaches of the solar system, flinging dangerous comets at Earth on a periodic basis, is nothing but a statistical artifact. Let’s hope those artifacts don’t bop us over the head anytime soon.

According to skeptic Joe Nickell, “perhaps the world’s only full-time salaried paranormal investigator,” Bigfoot sightings showed a greater variation before the Patterson film of 1967; after that a kind of cultural consensus emerged about what Bigfoot should look like. And his investigation of the distribution of North American lake monster sightings showed a nearly perfect match for the distribution of the common otter, which when three of four are seen swimming in a straight line look remarkably serpentine. But read on, as there’s much more from–as some people accuse him of being–the destroyer of the sense of wonder in the world. Loren Coleman replies to Nickel’s critiques of matters cryptozoological in Bigfoot Is Man In Suit: Nickell’s Old Argument. We’re sure that Nickel would also have an explanation for the infamous malevolent “witch” capable of transforming itself into a wolf, coyote, bear, bird, or any other animal, as detailed in Skinwalker Chronicles IV. But there is no doubt about the answer to this question: Chupacabras in Spain? It’s a mummified mongoose.


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