New World Order News For_Cape Breton_Islanders

14 Aug

Cape Breton Fireside Blog Links:



An Open Letter To David Cameron’s Parents

Hormones And Leadership

Riots Across Britain – More Than Meets The Eye?

NYPD To Mine Facebook, Twitter For Mayhem 

BART Cops Cut Off ALL Passenger Cell Phones – Vid

Drone War In Pak Exposed ­ Death In YOUR Name

Hackers Cheap Spy Drone Rivals CIA Predator 

Italy Delivers Tough Austerity Measures

Explosion Halts Iran Gas Imports To Turkey

US Stops Humanitarian Assistance To Gaza Strip 

France Feels Crush Of Credit Rating Agencies 

 Durbin Refuses To Answer Downgrade Questions – Vid

 Rense & Jonathan Emord – The Debt Deal Bubble

The City Of London – Who The ‘Crown’ REALLY Is – PDF

CNN Says Insiders On Stock Buying Spree 

Ad Over Wall Street Says ‘You Should All Be Fired’ 

 Rense & Jonathan Emord – New FDA Trick To Take Supplements – Vid

Vieira – Fables Of The 14th Amendment 

Congressional Junkets To Israel – Homage To Israeli Power 

Hawaii Still Refusing Access To Obama Birth Cert 

Rick Perry Says S/S And Medicare Are Unconstituttional 

Ron Paul’s 44% Overwhelms Online Straw Poll  

Tokyo Prof Blasts Politicians – Makes Him Hero 

TEPCO To Miss Decon Target At Fukushima Plant 

Tent Construction Over Reactor 1 Building Begins 

 3.4 Earthquake At Pierre, SD

 More (Engine-Ruining) Ethanol Corn Supply Than Feed 

Home Sick – Living With Chinese Drywall – Vid 

 White House Staff Get BIg Raises – We Get Nothing

Oz Smart Meter Hatred Growing  

Oz Remote Control Power Cuts By Smart Meter

Symptoms Of Radiation Poisoning Show In Japan Hospitals 

Fukushima Can’t Drain Swimming Pools – Radioactive Water 

Rudolf Hess – What Secret Did He Take To The Grave? 

CIA Try To Recruit 9/11 Hijackers Then Covered It Up

Ron Paul Slams Neocon War & Death Agenda 

 Ron Paul Close Second In Iowa Straw Poll!

Libya – Brave NATO Pilots Massacre 85, Incl 33 Children    


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