New World Order News For_Cape Breton_Islanders

15 Aug

Cape Breton Fireside Forum


Cape Breton Fireside Blogs:


Who Killed Economic Growth? – Vid

Japan School Booklet – Trust Us And You’ll Be Just Fine

Economist – Radioactive Materials Harmless If Burned…

Radioactive Manure From Rice Straw Eating Cows

‘World’s Safest Cookies’ Made By Fukushima School Kids

Castro Absent From His 85th Birthday Party

 Social Class As Culture

Google+ To Force Users To ID Themselves

 Smart Meters, Dirty Electricity And Disease – Vid

EPA Stop Sale Order To DuPont For Imprelis Herbicide

US Consumer Confidence Hits 30 Year Low

 Anarchy & Austerity – Why London Won’t Be Last To Burn

 Kirwam – Background For Anonymous Demonstration On Monday

Kirwan – Anonymous Comes To San Francisco

Bachmann Forgets To Say She Was An IRS Attorney

 Devvy – Why I Will Never Vote For Michelle Bachmann

Bachmann Rigged IA Poll By Buying 4000+ Votes 

Ireland Demands Vatican Pay $2B For Child Abuse

G. Edward Griffin – The Secret Science

Thai Takedown – Phony Democracy, Corrupt NGOs & Corps 

Berlusconi Lies That His ‘Heart Drips Blood’

PA Cop Killed To Taser Family Dogs

 Confessions Of A Cancer Industry Insider

 Ireland Demands Vatican Pay $2B For Child Abuse

Weekly South African Report

State Highway Police Can Indict Corrupt Judges

Israeli State Terrorism Spurs Terror Against US – Vid

 Pakistan Gives China Bin-Laden Helicopter Remains NATO Plans To Arm Syrian Criminal Gangs

Pakistan Gives China Bin-Laden Helicopter Remains

Almost Half Fukushima Kids Test Positive For Iodine 131


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