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16 Aug


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A farmer has posted footage on YouTube he originally thought was a deer until reviewing the tape later. Now he thinks he may have captured a Bigfoot, and at least one Sasquatch believer who reviewed the sequence thinks he could be right. What do you think? Meanwhile, there’s quite a bit of background to the Erickson Project that’s attempting to prove the existence of Bigfoot through DNA samples, as reported in Is the Sasquatch Out There? Elsewhere, the largest gathering of people interested in esoterica of all kinds is set for the coming weekend, as Jon Downes reminds us in Weird Weekend 2011: Only a Week to Go.


Tracey Parece has been keeping a close eye on UFO appearances around the world, often turning up instances in which footage of the object is available. Today is no exception as she presents details of an episode in which a couple videoing the Moon Saturday night, August 13, 2011, filmed three round objects in the sky, and, although movement within any of the objects isn’t detectable in the video footage, one of the participants claims to have spotted such movement. She has more footage recorded Saturday night, far from the Bulgarian location, as seen in Two Groups of Triangle UFOs Seen in Costa Rica [Video], and from the United States in daylight footage recorded Friday, August 12, 2011, and viewable in Four UFOs Hover Over Residential Neighborhood in Commerce, Colorado [Video]. There’s UFO news from the United Kingdom, too, as another broadcaster has stepped forward to claim a sighting the day after another BBC broadcaster had gone on-air to claim a sighting, as reported in More UFOs Over Cottered? Meanwhile, there is supposedly new information involving a famous case tied to UFO investigations from over six decades ago detailed in New Clue: James Forrestal’s Mental Problems Were UFO-Related. Did former U. S. Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal suffer from acute paranoia as an effect of what he learned in a meeting with President Truman and science advisor Vannevar Bush in 1947? The claim of Forrestal’s descent into madness following the Truman meeting is contained in Tony Brunt’s book Secret History: And Why Barack Obama Must End It. Elsewhere, Larry W. Bryant reviews claims JE Oglesby made in his self-published 2008 book Proof of Extraterrestrial Intelligence: The Cape Canaveral Apollo Program Chronicles with Item 3.17: UFO-NASA Collusion Amidst the 1960s-Era Cape Canaveral? Also, Micah Hanks revives reports of vehicles being influenced by anomalous aerial craft in A Mind Of Their Own: Automobiles Remote-Controlled by UFOs, and Kevin Randle reveals one of the drawbacks that can accompany a presentation at a UFO convention in The Roswell Festival, Part Two.

The Haunted Road Chris Holly’s Paranormal World
A roadway that seems to lead into Long Island’s past has intrigued Chris Holly and her family for some time. Although she was reluctant to travel along Mt. Misery Road, Holly loaded up with some family and friends to check it out recently and went back with her brother for a photo shoot on another occasion. Is the road haunted? Who or what is the angry Oriental man spotted once by Holly and once by her sister and brother-in-law? And what is peeking through a second-floor window in the snapshot Chris Holly’s brother took? Elsewhere, if you’re one of the many who follow the paranormal writings of Jason Offutt, the reports of high strangeness Offutt began last week with details of a family’s move into a new home may seem very familiar. The account of Charlie Thomas, her husband, twin daughters and two golden labs moving into a two-story house on the Tule River in Porterville, CA, seemed very familiar to Offutt, too, and he suspects two families have been frightened by the creature described in Terror of the Evil Little Man — Part Two. Meanwhile, four women tell Paul Dale Roberts about strange moments in their lives, as he reveals in Scary Encounters: Angela Hjelmstad.

Scott Corrales of the Institute of Hispanic UFOlogy says, “The archaeological world is crawling with anomalies that hint at advanced civilizations which existed centuries earlier than modern scholarship is prepared to accept.” And Corrales proves it with the examples he sites in this compendium that may indicate many ancient megalithic structures are the product of an unknown “Mother Civilization” or visitors from another world. Elsewhere, Dale Drinnon presents a scholarly depiction of the topography of the bottom of the North Atlantic and points to the very real possibility a chain of islands at one time provided a convenient connection between the Old and New Worlds, as depicted in Atlantis as a Geological Reality in the 21st Century. And Drinnon goes even further, postulating the existence of the fabled Lost Continent in the follow-up Surveys of Atlantis Part 3.

Flight in Eleventh Century England Beachcombing’s Bizarre History
Dr. Beachcombing starts off some notes on claims of ancient flight with the case of a monk named Eilmer mentioned in William of Malmesbury’s Deeds of the Kings of the English, encompassing, also, another account of ancient flight attributed to Abul-Qasim Abbas bin Firnas was reported to have flown even earlier than Eilmer. But are the accounts correct? While these two accounts appear to have involved the pilots as donning feathers for their ventures, Dr. Beachcombing has uncovered another account – much closer to today’s date, but still long before man’s first flight was supposed to have taken place – in which a “Machine” was used, as described in Flight in Seventeenth-Century Warsaw? Elsewhere, one wonders what Der Fuhrer’s speeches would have sounded like if the forces battling the Third Reich had succeded in the venture described in Bizarre Plans by Allies to Turn Hitler into a Woman Revealed in New Book.

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