New World Order News For_Cape Breton_Islanders

16 Aug

Cape Breton Fireside Forum


Cape Breton Fireside Blogs:


Representation, Secession And Taxation

Europe On Course To Become ONE Country (the plan)

FBI Widens inquiry Into News Corp

NYT Disinfo – Denying, Suppressing Vital Truths

Universal Anti-Viral Drug Discovered At MIT?

Another Mass E. coli Beef Recall 

FBI Wants Businesses To Snitch On Customers

MA Man Faces 5 Yrs For Recording Traffic Stop 

Suicide Bombs Hit Afghan Gov Summit 

60 Killed In Series Of Iraq Bomb Blasts 

Egypt Judge Stops Live Mubarak Trial Broadcasts 

 Taliban Fighter Proud He Shot Down Seals

 Israeli Social Justice Protests Continue

 Israel Stokes Lebanon Conflict As Distraction

Immigration – Poverty In America

 Explosion Of Intensely Sexualized Pictures Of Women

Shut Social Media In Crisis? How About TV ‘News’, Too?

 YouTube Busted Censoring People And Content – Vid

Army Ranger, 8 Tours Of Killing, Couldn’t Live With It – Vid

Iran First Nuke Power Station Online In Weeks

PressTV – NATO Planning Mass Military Attack On Iran

RT Covers SF Cell Phone Network Shutdown – Vid

Kirwan – Things To Know About BART

Krugman Wants ‘Space Alien’ Threat To Save Economy 

Heroic Gaddafi Defiant, NATO Rebels Close To Tripoli

Weird Herman Cain Quoting Pokemon Words! – Vid

Iowans On Bachman – ‘Like She Was Madonna Or Something’

How Michele Bachmann ‘Stole’ The Iowa Straw Poll 

The Smart Grid’s Next Step

 Devvy – My Fight Against The Smart Meter

Proof Feds Cannot Force Smart Meters On Americans

Neptunium 239 In Soil 38 km From Fukushima Plant



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