Global Mysteries for Cape Breton Islanders

17 Aug


Cape Breton Fireside Forum

Cape Breton Fireside Blogs:

Billy Cox continues what he began yesterday: bringing to light the wide difference between what U. S. Air Force veterans who were present at an alleged UFO incursion at a missile base in 1968 say about the incident and the claims about the event placed in the official Air Force book on the whole UFO phenomenon formulated under Project Blue Book. Could the Air Force really be disparaging its own warriors? Meanwhile, Bill Wickersham takes the Fourth Estate to task over its lack of enthusiasm for the question of anomalous objects in the skies with Journalists Who Shun UFO Reports Fail Readers. Elsewhere, the sightings from a very busy Summer continue to flood the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database and make it to the public through such reporters as Roger Marsh, who brings us the witnesses’ statements and a drawing from an August 15, 2011, incident in Cigar UFO Crosses Skies Twice Over Croswell, Michigan and witness statements indicating more than one sighting the same day, detailed in Illinois Couple ‘Had Enough’ After Three UFO Sightings in One Day. Also, Lon Strickler has pieced together an after action report to go with the initial investigation report that details an incident that occurred on February 25, 1999, as related in The Mt. St. Helens Elk Abduction.


Tony Morrill gently introduces a new documentary film to which he gives some cryptozoological love. The film tells the story of Southern Tier Bigfoot Watch founder Timothy Holmes as he’s joined by “the Who Forted? gang” on a search for North America’s most famous cryptid in the forests of southern New York. With movie trailer. And Doug Gibson has an interesting report on the figure the Latter Day Saints considered to be Cain, of the Bible, and others may have taken to be Bigfoot, as noted in Awareness of Racism Eased Mormon Folk Tales Regarding Cain, Bigfoot. Elsewhere, Dale Drinnon gives his take on the announcement of the discovery of an important paleological find “in the basement of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County” in Pregnant Plesiosaur Fossil. Drinnon thinks the plesiosaur may be responsible for some of the many sea serpent reports from mariners, ancient and modern, and thinks these sightings may have influenced boat builders in ancient days, as noted in Long- Necked Sea Serpents In The Viking Age, and even today, as represented by boats from China and Southeast Asia, including India and Indonesia, as seen, with images, in Oriental Dragon Boats. Meanwhile, at CFZ Australia a series of ancient maps show the creatures early cartographers thought shuffled around on land and slid through the waters of the Land Down Under, as noted, with images, in Terra Australis Boasted Griffins, Reindeer and Sea Monsters; and at CFZ Canada an after action report reveals the proceedings from last weekend and what the organization took home from it, as revealed in PSICAN Crypto Day: Lessons Learned. Elsewhere, a strange looking animal trapped and released in Maryland has people asking Is Bizarre Creature Caught on Video a Chupacabra?

Guest host Andy Paquette interviews Professor of Psychology Stanley Krippner, co-author of Debating Psychic Experience, a collection of essays by skeptics and proponents of paranormal studies. Krippner is a member of the Saybrook Institute that studies dreaming, and one of the most well-known researchers in the field. The interview is available as a downloadable podcast, can be listened to online, or can be read in transcript. Elsewhere, Michel Prescott reveals the link to a YouTube video account of a view of the other side of life in which the “usual explanations…don’t seem to apply”, as seen in A New NDE. Meanwhile, Professor Richard Wiseman’s book that counters claims of paranormal experiences is reviewed in Paranormality: Why We See What Isn’t There.

Credit: The Anomalist


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