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17 Aug


Cape Breton Fireside Forum

Cape Breton Fireside Blogs:


Russia Stops Plot To Blow Up Moscow Commuter Train

Continuing Relevance Of Jammu And Kashmir

Education And Behavior In Israel And Palestine

 Is Change Even Possible In Israel? – Vid

Truth Justice & Peace – Vid

Israel go-ahead for West Bank settler homes dents peace hopes

Israel arrests Al-Jazeera reporter without charge

Netanyahu Spurns Social Justice Demands

“Whores to the Right of Me, Whores to the Left of Me.”

 New DHS ‘Terrorist’ Database Angers Privacy Groups 

New Zealand Blizzards Heaviest In 50 Years

Second Oil Leak Found In North Sea

 Surprising Reasons Why Stomachs Swell Up Suddenly

 Every Hour Of TV Watching Shortens Life By 22 MInutes

Mormons Building ‘Little Jerusalem’ In Rural Utah 

Reports – CIA Working With Mexican Drug Cartels 

The 7th Billion Human On Earth – Part 1

Obamacare Health Centers For ‘Migrants’ Won’t Check Status

TX Man Traveling To Site Of Israeli Attack On USS Liberty

GM Corn Developed For Fuel Instead Of Food

US Cities Prepare For Climate Change

Repressing the Internet, Western-Style 

Kirwan – Children Of Children…Teenagers Now Rule

China Loves Rick Perry – Vid

Stewart Scolds Media For Ignoring Ron Paul

Jon Stewart – Why is Everyone Still Ignoring Ron Paul? 

Heavy Fighting In Misrata – Zawia Said Free Of Rebels

Gaddafi’s Libyan Army Retakes Key Towns

Kirwan – First We End The Slaughter

Libyans In Tripoli Celebrating Liberation Of Misrata – Vid

Rain Radiation At 20,000 CPM Per Sq Meter Near Toronto! – Vid

Libya Update On Misrata – Leonor – Vid


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