New World Order News For_Cape Breton_Islanders

19 Aug


Cape Breton Fireside Forum

Cape Breton Fireside Blogs:

Perry Appalls Elite With New Attack On The Fed

Rick Perry – Extremist White America’s Evangelical Hope

China – Reporters Covering Biden Get Tossed

Hiroshima To Fukushima, Finishing The Job

How Japanese Govt Failed The People Of Fukushima – Vid

CDC Says 1 In 10 Children Has ADHD

100,000,000 Chevrolet Small-Blocks V-8 To Be Built

Mass Vaccination Program In Ethiopia

10 New Ways The Govt Will Be Spying On You 

Drones Direct Hit Upon The Rule Of Law

Pelosi Heckled At Town Hall Meeting

UCSD Can Hack ATM Pin Number In 10 Seconds

Spacecraft Sees Solar Storm Engulf Earth

Quiz – How Prepared Are You?

IBM Gets $41m From DARPA For Brain Mimic Chip

S&P And The Bilderbergers – All Part Of The Plan? 

Pike Supporter Asks Him To Stop Hitting Duke

FKN News – No Rights In Britain…er, Riots – Vid

Communist Obama Cancels Deportations Of Illegals 

 US, EU Put Sanctions On Syria, Demand Resignation

Lies – The ‘Non-GMO’ Labeling Scam

10 Reasons Why Rick Perry & Michelle Bachmann Suck

Makow – Our Illuminati Reality Bubble

NATO Gunship Slaughters Unarmed Civilians In Zawia

Tripoli August 18th Evening Update – Vid

Fukushima – Is This The China Syndrome?

Calls For National Radiation Food, Air, Water Testing 

Japan To Lift Ban On Fukushima Beef (good luck)

A Stunning 412 Sieverts/hr In Reactor 1 Drywell

 Fukushima Plant Releasing 10 Trillion Becquerels/hr – Vid

 6.5 Quake Near Wrecked Fukushisma Nuke Plant


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