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20 Aug


Cape Breton Fireside Forum

Cape Breton Fireside Blogs:



Death Cross Rocks Wall Street

RIP – America’s Anti-War Movement

Lawyers Accused Of Scam In Bank Suits 

Venezuela, Gold, Oil And The Rothschilds

The Madness Of Wall Street

US Streets Full Of Ex-Middle Class Americans – Vid

Madsen – Jakarta Warning To Prospective CIA Agents

‘Sources’ – Russia ‘helping’ China with fighter jet technology

Deadly Blasts Hit British Compound In Kabul

 Egypt ‘Secret Minister’ Still Pulling Strings? – Vid

Obama Leads Western Calls For Assad To Go

Eretz Yisrael – Lawless, Corrupt And Dysfunctional

Israel Tent Protests Called Off After Eilat Attacks

Israelis Kill Two Egyptian Border Guards 

Israels Bloody Spectacle in Eilat

Israel Bombs Gaza After Egypt Border Attacks

New York Police Prepare For Unrest 

Obama’s Amnesty Orders Create American Dictatorship

Obama Literally Stops Enforcing The US Constitution

Dictator Obama Halts All Pending Deportations

 ‘ETs May Destroy Humanity To Protect Themselves’

Rosin Warns – Kaku Hypes ‘Alien Invasion’ Scam – Vid

High Radiation Found Next To Children’s Pool – Vid

Japan Using Fukushima People As Guinnea Pigs – Vid

Japan Radiation – Cicadas…Quiet, Deformed And Dead

High Cesium Beef NOT Fed Radioactive Rice Straw 

 Fukushima Nuke Workers Hide Jobs From Families

6.8 Quake Near Fukushima – No Damages Reported

‘The Holes And Cracks In The Ground Are Terrifying’ – Vid

 Dr. Helen Caldicott Leaving BC Because Of Fukushima – Vid

Taliban Blast Kills 27 US Troops, Dozens Hurt

Franklin Lamb – Libya Update…It’s Gaddafi Or NATO – Vid   

 Libya August 19 Midnight – Tripoli Update – From The Street – Vid







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