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21 Aug


Cape Breton Fireside Forum

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Billy Cox continues to look into one of the most important aspects of the UFO phenomenon: the reported presence of UFOs over United States nuclear weapons facilities and the apparent interaction of the unidentified craft with the weapons systems themselves. Cox reveals the remarks of former Air Force Captain Patrick McCaslin and former Tech Sergeant Arlie Judd, navigator and tail gunner, respectively, aboard a B-52 bomber involved in the 1968 incident at the Strategic Air Command base at Minot, ND, who joins Cox and Tom Tulien, whose Sign Oral History research of such incidents figures heavily in the refutation of the U. S. Air Force Project Blue Book analyses of such events. Links to Tulien’s research are included. Elsewhere, reporter Tracey Parece calls it “(o)ne of the most amazing UFO sightings ever to take place” as she presents details of an August 18, 2011, sighting in the Orient, outlined in Massive UFO Sighting in Seoul, South Korea; Hundreds of Witnesses [Video], and video from the island of Cyprus shows an orange object in the night sky in the report UFO Filmed Near Larnaca Airport. Meanwhile, reports from the Mutual UFO Network witness reporting database in the United States reveal two August 19 sightings described in Low Spherical UFO Reported Over Sound Bend, Indiana and Missouri UFO Emits Beam as ‘Five Smaller Lights Eject Out Bottom’.


A group of what Chris Holly refers to as “real time abductees” have been meeting with her and giving their take on what is happening to humanity worldwide, a take filled with warnings that some outside force, with possible assistance from humans, is taking Earth’s populace for a ride we really should not be taking. The abductees in Chris Holly’s group only number about a half-dozen people, but they all have increased intellect they credit to what was done to them by their abductors. Holly explains what is meant by “real time abductees” and passes along the message that the abductees have gained from their experiences, promising more revelations soon from the real time abductees. As you read this, you may look askance at the changes in your own lifetime that have affected family life and civilization all around you. And you may look at technological advances of radio, television, computers and cell phones with a feeling of apprehension. Is humanity being reprogrammed for some purpose that is not our own chosen destiny? Elsewhere, the message Chris Holly presents says aliens are already here and not acting nicely, but Alan Boyle reviews a study of sci-fi scenarios that seems to paint humanity as the bad guys, a now familiar concept to those who embrace the idea of manmade global warming, as seen, with a classic sci-fi film trailer, in What if E.T. Thinks We’re Evil?

Recent claims of the killing of an adult female Bigfoot and a juvenile Bigfoot in California and the subsequent transfer of body parts from the cadavers to a group seeking Bigfoot DNA could be compromised by information made available to Mike Rugg of Bigfoot Discovery Museum. Could the Bigfoot body parts under DNA analysis actually come from two black bears, an adult and a juvenile, killed by hunters in the same vicinity and on the same day? Elsewhere, Dale Drinnon continues his review of dragon lore as seen through scientific eyes, noting the similarities between oriental dragons, the feathered serpent of the Americas, the mokele mbembe of the Congo and the perpetual tales of a particular kind of sea serpent from around the globe, detailing his conclusions in Quetzalcoatl is Euryapsid, Too. Meanwhile, Loren Coleman releases statements from Russian hominologist Igor Burtsev pertaining to Burtsev’s belief that sufficient evidence of shy hominids exists in the wilds of the world to require recognition of the creatures by the United Nations, World Wildlife Fund and other organizations, hoping such recognition will protect these creatures. The details of the new group which already has a presence on FaceBook can be found in International Society of Forest People’s Friends. Coleman also reveals the visit of some celebrities at his popular Portland, ME, cabinet of curiosities today in Swamp Thing‘s Bissette and Vermont Monster Hunter Citro Visit Museum Today.

Spirit Voices Reviews of the Mysterious Kind
One of the busiest authors in the anomalous realm is also one of the busiest reviewers of literature that marks the anomalous genre. And that’s how Nick Redfern comes to review the latest release from the expanding catalog of Anomalist Books, Mark L. Cowden’s Spirit Voices: The First Live Conversation Between Worlds. Redfern gives high marks to the book, written diary style, that tells of Cowden’s quest for answers to the questions of life-after-death, whether some portion of the spirit survives the trip to the other side of life. The high point of Cowden’s search is the astonishing recording of the voices of a medium and a spirit that haunts a hotel in Ireland, an incident that took place last year. And, in another review, Redfern also reveals his own ties to one of the incidents covered in a new book by Ryan S. Wood as he gives high marks to a book that covers multiple reported incidents in which alien technology may have been recovered, as seen in Majic Eyes Only and a Crashed UFO Anniversary. Elsewhere on the review scene, Peter Rogerson offers his analysis of the efforts of John Hanson and Dawn Holloway in their book Haunted Skies: The Encyclopedia of British UFOs, Volume 2, 1960 – 1965 in All Our Yesterdays.

Tribute is being paid to some of the leading lights in the field of anomalous writings and publication this weekend, beginning with Scott Corrales’ remembrances of the head of Arcturus Books who died recently in Port St. Lucie, Florida. The famed book seller is also fondly remembered in the postings of Clas Svahn Bob Girard is Dead and Loren Coleman Bob Girard of Arcturus Books Has Died. Meanwhile, Paul Kimball reveals the death in May of a highly regarded British UFO magazine publisher in Stuart Miller – R. I. P., remembering the gentleman fondly, as does Nick Redfern in the similarly titled Stuart Miller RIP. And the passing of the author and researcher who created Outbreak! The Encyclopedia of Extraordinary Social Behavior (co-authored by Robert Bartholomew) and SLiders: The Enigma of Streetlight Interference is noted in a fine remembrance by Wendy M. Grossman, printed in The Guardian as Hilary Evans Obituary, while Peter Rogerson has a word or two about Evans’ passing, among other notes, in Hilary Evans, Mike Dash and the Three Minute Mile.


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