New World Order News For_Cape Breton_Islanders

21 Aug


Cape Breton Fireside Forum

Cape Breton Fireside Blogs:

Hoyer’s Whoring

Liberals Complain About Obama

Japan Quake, Tsunami – Town By Town Losses

UnAuthorized Photos Inside Wrecked Nuke Plant

Canada To Test West Coast Fish For Radiation

NATO Slaughter Of Libyan Civilians Continues

Brave NATO Killing ANYONE Who Opposes ‘Rebel’ Butchers

Radioactive Fukushima Cows, Pigs Sold To Farmers All Over Japan

508 Cumulative Millisieverts 3 km From Plant – ONE M/s Is OK

‘Severely-Contaminated’ Radioactive Areas Found In Tokyo

What Does The New Testament Say About Women?

‘Ugly On The Inside’ Girls Rejected By Photographer

Wall Street Drives Up Prices Of Crops & Farmland 

Doctors Join Fight Against Livestock Antibiotics

NY Enviro Dept – Trace Drugs In Drinking Water Safe (…sure)

Inhuman Cops Close Terminal Cancer Patients’ Garage Sale

NY Cop Arrested For Raping School Teacher

Jews Offended as Tourists Salute Wax Museum Hitler

Good News – A Cure For Multiple Sclerosis?

Ours Or Theirs? Enormous Machines In Earth Orbit – Vid

Makow – Illuminati Find Poster Child For Illegals

US & Israel Are Inseparable In War

Rothschild Controlled Reuters Lies To Justify Killings

The Great Collapse Has Officially Begun

US ‘Feral Reserve Boink’ Reels Into The Jubilee Year

Herman Cain – TARP & Patriot Act Supporter – Vid

Presidential Hijinks 2012

Rick Perry’s Hardcore History Of Investment In Porn

We The People…Mr. Obama! – Vid

Nearly 4,000 Radioactive (?) Cows Shipped From Fukushima

Grim ‘Never Give Up’ Sign At 10 M/s Hr Fukushima Spot

Tripoli Update – August 20…Midnight – Vid

Rebel Advances On Tripoli A Zionist Media Hoax – Vid 


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