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22 Aug


Cape Breton Fireside Forum

Cape Breton Fireside Blogs:


Karl Rove Turns Against Former Ally Rick Perry

Newspaper Ad Seeking Past Rick Perry Sex Partners

 What A Week For WAR!!

Anna Hazarre And The Indian Spring

 Iran Jails Two US ‘Hikers’ For 8 Years

Riot Shooting Video Suggests Violence Organised (gosh)

London Riots Were Orchestrated By Outsiders

Syria Under Fire – Part 3

Syria Raises Tension With Turkey 

Egypt Says Israeli Response To Deaths Not Enough

Israeli Jets Kill Seven More Gaza Palestinians 

Another Israeli False Flag?

Kirwan – RISE Against The Barbaric Crimes Of Israel

Tripoli Update – August 20…Midnight – Vid

Rebel Advances On Tripoli A Zionist Media Hoax – Vid 

Gaddafi’s Speech Of August 21, 2011 – Vid

Tripoli Rocked By Gunfire, Blasts And Rumor

Attack On Tripoli Crushed

Anti-Bacterial Soaps, Shampoos & Sanitizers Are Harmful

Jay Rockefeller – Internet Shouldn’t Have Been Invented – Vid

We Have Not Seen The Last Of GM Salmon

Vera Macht – We Are All Palestinians In Gaza

Rep Says ‘I’m Going To Israel’…Blasted By Constituents

New Police Drone Can Taser (Kill) You From Above – Vid

EPA Plans Mass Coal Shutdowns = Soaring Energy Costs

RFID Chipping Using Dust & Your Skin – Vid

G. Edward Griffin On Debt & Inflation

Banking Elite Got $1.3 Trillion In Fed Loans

Gold – A Contrarian View

Greeks Act To Avert Bank Failure

Social Security To Be Insolvent By 2017

Israel’s Spying, Murder & Poisoning Of Egypt

Rick Perry’s Hypocritical Porn Investment

Michelle Bachmann Says She ‘Infiltrated’ the Enemy IRS

 Journalist Franklin Lamb Shot In Tripoli – Vid

 NATO Killers Sneak Attack On Tripoli – Mass Slaughter Underway – Vid

Rebels ‘Haven’t Secured Anything, They’re Just Shooting’ – Vid

MUST VIEW – Mahdi Nazemroaya Describes NATO Horror – Vid


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