UFO Daily Headlines For Cape Breton Islanders

24 Aug


Cape Breton Fireside Blog Links:

Fireside Unites Capers Daily:

  1. Virginia earthquake: ‘No uptick’ in UFO activity says MUFON state

  2. Ward Kimball and UFOs

  3. Buntingford couple: ‘We saw seven UFOs

  4. UFOs Are Unidentified – I’ll Say That Again, Unidentified – Flying

  5. What The Government Doesn’t Want You To Know About UFOs (PHOTOS)

  6. Social Saucers: Aliens, UFOs being covered up by government

  7. Mass UFO sighting spooks town

  8. Looking for UFOs can Leave a Crick in Your Neck

  9. New evidence: UFOs stalking and Intercepting dummy nuclear warheads

  10. UFO ‘vanishes’ during sighting along Pennsylvania Route 422

  11. UFO Sighting In Skies Over Laredo

  12. UFO sighting in Shanghai and Beijing

  13. Earthquakes Strikes Eastern USA & Canada – Goats Faint – UFO ..





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