New World Order News For_Cape Breton_Islanders

26 Aug


Cape Breton Fireside Blog Links:

Fireside Unites Capers Daily:


FBI 15,000 Agent Provocateurs Terrorize America 

DHS Arrests Man For Standing On 4th Amendment Rights 

DHS – TSA Finalizes Air Cargo Screening Mandate 

TSA To Track ALL Daily Travels To Work,  Stores, Events

US Braces For Wave Of Coal Plant Shutdowns 

Is The Number Of Earthquakes Increasing? 

4.5 Aftershock In VA  

150 mph Irene Ravaging Bahamas – Heading Toward CT

 Japan Readies For New PM Race – Naoto Kan Quits

Fukushima Cesium Leaks ‘Equal 168 Hiroshimas’ 

‘Normal’ Radiation Release Confirmed At VA Plant

Photo Shows Steam Pouring From VA Nuke Plant

Kaddafi’s Latest Communique

Libya – British SAS Leads Hunt For Gaddafi

 Fisk – Mistakes Of Iraq  Rehearsed Afresh

Libya: Weapons Could Go To Terrorists

Incredible Lies – BBC Shows A “Green Square” In INDIA

 NATO’s Libya War – A Nuremberg Level Crime

 Mahdi Nazemroaya ‘Not Safe’ In A Tripolii Hotel – Vid

Libyan In London – Libyans Are Fighting NATO Troops – Vid

Washington Monument Closed Indefinitely – Quake Damage

Anger After Japan Raises Annual Dose To 20 Millisieverts

VA Nuke Plant Goes To Cold Shutdown – Damage Feared

Irene Puts Mid-Atlantic, NYC On High Alert

Entire Atlantic Seaboard Readies For Irene

 200,000 Evacuate N Carolina Ahead Of Irene

 Kirwan – HEY! Come Out from Under the Rock!

Irene – NYC Mayor Orders Nursing Home Evacuation


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