New World Order News For_Cape Breton_Islanders

27 Aug



Cape Breton Fireside Blog Links:

Fireside Unites Capers Daily:


 Growing US Trade Deficit

Banksters Admit Financial Collapse ‘Weeks Away’

Market Crash ‘Within Weeks’ Warn Banksters 

 ‘Jewish Indiana Jones’ Accused Of Fabricating Stories

Israeli Crimes Against Humanity 

How Israhell Gets Even With Stone-Throwing Boys

The West’s New Middle East

General Assembly Palestinian Statehood Vote

Suit Filed Over Michelle’s Secretive ‘Family Outing’

Dictator Obama Preps For Conflict With US Citizens

Complete NWO Plans Exposed By Insider In 1969

NASA – Comet Elenin Poses Zero Threat To Earth 

Rage Over Govt Monitoring EVERY Fukushima Post

Before NATO Massacre, Libya Was A Switzerland – Vid

Leonor – Libya’s Astonishing Archeology – Vid

FKN News – Libyan Oil Liberated – Vid

The Rape Of Libya 

US Pledges No Ground Troops In Libya, But

Chosssudovsky – Innocent Libyan Blood On NATO Hands – Vid

NASA Video – UFO Flies Over Hurricane Irene – Vid

Repelling Mosquitos After The Hurricane – DEET vs Dengue

Kirwan – Attention – The Latest Hurricane Alert

East Coast Nuclear Reactors Brace For Irene

Track Hurricane Irene Here – Vid

 Libyan Tripoli Resident – Rebel Flags Everywhere – Vid


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