Global Mysteries for Cape Breton Islanders

28 Aug



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A startling scene in the night sky above New York City Friday was videoed by one of several onlookers. The footage shows multiple lights in the sky that only moved slightly during the three minute filming. The sighting came as Hurricane Irene scours the eastern coast of the United States, and another report, taken from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database tells how a sighting yesterday took place in the path of the hurricane’s advance, too, as seen in Disc UFO Emerges Low from Delaware Tree Line. Other MUFON reports released today include an August 17 sighting described in Triangle UFO ‘Drifts’ Low Over New Jersey I-80, another incident Saturday, August 27, in which four witnesses watched a Silent UFO ‘Fleet’ Moving Low Over Idaho, and an August 19 event in which images were captured and accompany the account of ‘More Than 50 Orbs’ Reported in Formation Over Bonita, California. Meanwhile in Great Britain, James Clark makes it clear that UFOs Are Unidentified – I’ll Say That Again, Unidentified – Flying Objects and in the United States Dave Masko points out the connection between anomalies and a geological curiosity in Devils Tower Calling UFO Seekers, as Mystery Surrounds First National Monument. Elsewhere, the requests for information to the powers that be continue to draw slow response, so the FOIA wars continue for Larry W. Bryant and friends, as noted in Item 2.122: What UFO-E.T. Mother Lode Lies Behind the FAA’s FOIA Curtain? Also, preparations are underway for the 6th annual commemoration of Pennsylvania’s most famous UFO incident, and Stan Gordon has the details in 2011 Kecksburg Festival to Feature UFO Conference 9-17 & 9-18, 2011.


From the maverick science corner: Dale Drinnon uses some of the theorizing Graham Hancock put together for his book Underworld to cast some light on the possibilities of evidence from past great civilizations before our own lying underwater off the coasts of the world’s continents. Drinnon also posts information on the geological upheavals that may have helped inundate civilizations in Youngest-Dryas Age Vulcanism in Central Europe and the North Atlantic and continues his recent work on the Lost Continent with The World of Atlantis, Pt 2, Cultural Level of The Atlanteans. Elsewhere, there’s excitement over the discovery of a developing cosmic conniption witnessed in images from the Mount Palomar Observatory that will have most all telescopes trained on the phenomenon in the days to come, as explained in ‘Instant Cosmic Classic’ Supernova Discovered.

More or less immortalized in grainy black and white film from forty years ago, Ninel Kulagina’s case continues to amaze students of psychic phenomena. The feats Kulagina appeared to perform for Russian researchers were astonishing. A link to a video of Kulagina in action is included. Ninel Kulagina died in 1990, leaving amazed fans to wonder what she could have done with the famous challenge of the James Randi Educational Foundation that offers a $1M prize for proof of paranormal ability. Meanwhile, the prize won’t be claimed by a self-proclaimed “psychic medium” whose reasons for not facing the test are disclosed in “Psychic” James Van Praagh Demurs James Randi’s $1,000,000 Offer. And James Randi isn’t the only one skeptical of psychic claims, as Peter M. Nardi discloses in his “Skeptic’s Cafe” article Psychic Detectives Have a Perfect Record.

Dale Drinnon replies to comment from his previous discussion of giants as described in the Bible and intuited from archaeological sites in the Middle East and in the New World. Elsewhere, another giant seems to be adding to tourism in North Carolina, as shown in Knobby Legend Lives on: History of Bigfoot Sightings Brings the Curious to Casar, with photo gallery. And the work of biologist Dr. John Bindernagel in the search for Bigfoot is highlighted in Taking Sasquatch From the Tabloids to the Science Journals. Meanwhile, Loren Coleman ponders the aftermath of the former Hurricane Irene, now downgraded to a Tropical Storm, with Hurricanes, Cryptozoology, and Weird Animal News.


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