New World Order News For_Cape Breton_Islanders

28 Aug


Cape Breton Fireside Blog Links:

Fireside Unites Capers Daily:


Rebel Assassins Terrorizing Libyans

Libyan ‘Rebels’ Massacre True Libyan Patriots

Hometown Ablaze From ZATO Bombs – Gaddafi Fled?

New Radiation Hotspots Prompt More Japan Testing

Reactor #1 SFP Cesium 134  Emissions Double

Dr. Busby – Fukushima Is Like The Titanic – Pt 1 – Vid

Dr. Busby – Fukushima Is Like The Titanic – Pt 2 – Vid

Rick Perry Agrees With Obama On Open Borders! – Vid

 Kirwan – How Bad Will It Get?Jeff Rense Program

Claim ‘Rebels’ Seize Loyalist Stronghold Near Airport

Reports Libyan Army Fighting Hard, Rebels Captured – Vid   

Al Qaeda Rebel Cmdr In Libya Is A Bloodthirsty Killer

Do US, Mex Officials Favor Certain Cartels?

Fun, Remote Control ‘Air Swimmers’ – Vid

Man Sues Secret Service For Violating Civil Rights

Washington DC – Hungriest Children In The US

NYC UFOs On August 26 – Vid

Gold – Dyslexic Western Banks Sell Low, Buy High

Calls For Economic Policing At Fed Meeting

Sen Graham – US Should Spend More On Foreign Aid(!)

Lyme Disease – The Tick That Ate My Life

Jewish Boy Viciously Arrested By Thug Jewish Cops – Vid 

A Real Case Against The Jews, Written In 1928 By A Jew

How The Patriot Act Violates The Bill Of Rights

Wiki Shows US Diplomats Push GE Crops Worldwide

LA Water & Power Got $60m For Smart Grid

Smart Grid Is A Massive Security Risk

Libya Is CIA Op 30 Years In The Making

 Libya – NATO’s Desperate Psychological War

Irene Weakens, 80 mph Winds, Wide Power Outages

Track Hurricane Irene Here – Vid



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