New World Order News For_Cape Breton_Islanders

29 Aug


Cape Breton Fireside Blog Links:

Fireside Unites Capers Daily:


Zionist Lackey Cain’s Obscene Obedience To Israel – Vid

Kirwan – What And Why In Libya

US Politicians Show Usual Poor Taste Re: Irene

Media Bark And Hype Worse Than Irene’s Bite

Irene Blown Way Out Of Proportion 

Japan Firm Orders ‘Energy Saving’ Haircuts For 2700

Fukushima Area Uninhabitable For 20 Years

TEPCO Explains How Fukushima Reactor 4 Exploded 

Drug Tunnel Found Under US Supermarket

 Egyptian Religion – The Root Of Judaism, Christianity, Islam – Vid

Muslims And Copts Host Ramadan Fast-Breaking

European And US Working Class Politics

 14 Conspiracy FACTS The MSM Admits

Dick Cheney Commits Treason – Vid

Why People Become Chickenhawks

The Spiritual Nature Of Cancer

Social Engineering In The 20th Century – Vid

Agenda 21 Taking Over SoCal Desert Areas 

Gunderson – NRC Fukusima Fuel Pool Lies Exposed – Vid 

Japan To BURN Radioactive Debris – Radiation Will Come To US

Gunderson – Japan To Burn All Radioactive Materials – US Will Get It – Vid

Japan To BURN Everything Radioactive – Worldwide Death

Americans Get Gladiators Instead Of Jobs 

Ron Paul Destroys Michael Moore On Larry King – Vid  

 Rep Erik Paulsen Meets Israeli War Criminal

Ron Paul Criticizes US Libyan War 

NATO Killers Commit Racist Murders In Libya

Br. Nathanael – The Jews Behind NATO’s Rape Of Libya – Vid

 Leonor – What NATO Wants Us To Hear – Vid

The Real Truth About Libya – Vid


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