Global Mysteries for Cape Breton Islanders

30 Aug



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On August 25, 1999, in the territory of Buenos Aires, a notable encounter took place in broad daylight involving a number of humanoid entities, five figures in white who “were contained within a screen (from which they never emerged) similar to a movie screen or a parabolic screen, perhaps a meter taller than the figures themselves.” But that’s nothing compared to the cases that suggest We’ve All Gone Saucer-Happy! First contactee Doña María enters a trance state through telepathic communication with her “extraterrestrial guides”, who despite being infiltrated in terrestrial society, could still transmit their messages to the Galician contactee through psychography or telepathy. Then there’s Carlos Jesús, who becomes possessed by alien beings such as “Christopher from Zeta Raticulin” and whose communications and messages became widely known throughout Spain through the popular science show “Al Ataque.” Read on to find out how 49-year-old contactee José Verdún, better known as Penumbra, rose to stardom. Just the opposite of these fame-seeking contactees are what John Keel called the “silent contactees.” Here Doug Skinner presents the Drawings by Silent Contactees (7) and Drawings by Silent Contactees (8).


A 22-year-old unemployed brick layer in Guadalajara, Mexico, finds his fairy godmother in a guava tree. After accidently injuring the “creature” he placed it in a jar containing a mixture of formaldehyde and water. Some 3,00 people have since paid admission to see it. Key quote: “Nevermind that it bears an uncanny resemblance to a plastic toy fairy available in cheap shops around Mexico.” Still more Funny Fairy Stories from Dr. Beachcombing, who is disappointed to learn how unseriously some nineteenth-century narrators of the fairy faith took their subject matter. “One reflex of a rather judgmental tone in nineteenth-century fairy reports is the occasional snide anecdote that sneaks into the press and books.” Four examples are cited. And from Karl Shuker, Lusmore And The Little People, an account of what can happen to people if they fall foul of the Little People.

Oak Island Mystery SOLVED? Triumph of a Man Called Da-Da
A poster who wishes anonymity probes the story of gold and buried treasure known as The Money Pit or The Oak Island Mystery and concludes that “the near-certainty that there is no treasure–not anymore, anyway.” Why? “If you were a hard-working, untrusting pirate, would you leave a freaking telltale block and tackle and visible depression behind, ensuring that someone would dig up your piles of loot?” What probably happened is that “the bulk of the treasure was REMOVED around 1795” and the teens who witnessed the original circular depression actually witnesses the aftermath. So where did the potential fortune wind up? Elsewhere, it seems that King Arthur’s round table may have been found by archaeologists in Scotland. Like many geometrical earthworks, the King’s Knot, located in the former royal gardens below Stirling Castle, has been shrouded in mystery, though writers have linked the landmark to the legend of King Arthur. Now, the first ever non-invasive survey of the site indicates that a round feature on the site pre-dates the visible earthworks. “The finds show that the present mound was created on an older site and throws new light on a tradition that King Arthur’s Round Table was located in this vicinity,” said Historian John Harrison.

What’s that animal in the video trying to make its way through floodwaters in New York on August 28, 2011? Not everyone agrees that it’s an opossum. It’s hard to guage size from the video. And from the Weird Weekend 2011, we have a video of the author of Extreme Expeditions, Adam Davies on the search for the orang pendek, which starts at about the 3:30 mark. Moving back across the Pacific, now that the documentary film is finished, you can get a Sneak Peek at ‘The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching’. Also from the Who Forted site, “idoubtit” posts about Hairless Freaks! Casting A Critical Eye Toward “Mystery Animals.” Her parade of repulsive remains that became postmortem media stars include the Montauk Monster, the Blue Hill Monster, the Minnesota Mystery Roadkill, and Prince Chupa.

Turns out the appearance of “the UFO physicist” on the popular social news website did not exactly go as planned. Friedman started an AMA (or Ask Me Anything) thread in which he plugged his book more often than directly answered questions, and curiously kept mentioning the cancelled Apollo 18 mission. Turns out the entire thread was part of a viral marketing campaign put forth by the advertising team behind the big budget “found footage” movie Apollo 18, which Friedman later admitted to. “This did little to quell the internet shit storm that he had created.” Elsewhere, a UFO flying over the pyramid of Santa Cecilia at the end of musical performance was captured on camera by several witnesses, which led a newspaper to ask: A UFO Over Tlalnepantla? And keeping the strict definition of UFO in mind, the image in this post appears to be a UFO Filmed By ISS Flying Over Hurricane Irene.





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