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01 Sep



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Algerian Government Is NATOs Best Friend – Vid 

NATO’s Genocidal Rape Of Libya

EU to impose oil embargo on Syria

‘Megrahi Letter’ casts further doubt over Lockerbie conviction

Sailing To The Site Of The Jewish Attack On USS Liberty

Rebel Leaders Put Libya Death Toll At 50,000

Gaddafi Loyalists Told To Surrender Or Face ZATO

Sunflowers Used On Radiation In Fukushima, Japan

Japan Booklet Tells People To Decontaminate Selves

Japan Radiation – Something’s Rotten In Yokohama

Fukushima Workers Showered In VERY ‘Hot’ Water

Japan Burning Pouring Radiation High Into Atmosphere

 Truth-Sayer Fired at Jerusalem Post

14 Fault Lines Found Near Japan Nuclear Plants

 Journalist Mahdi Nazemroaya In Malta After Libya – Vid

 Federal Debt Tax Collector – Vid

 ‘Tolerance’ Doesn’t Extend To Christians

TX Drought Dries Up ‘River That Used To Be’

German Airport X-Ray Body Scanners Being Scrapped

‘Don’t Drug My Child Or I’ll Shoot’ – Vid

GMO Herbicide Pollutes Air, Rivers And Rain

Ex-Powell Aide – Cheney Fears War Crimes Charges

70 Congress Members Who Are US Socialists

Black Caucus Lies About Tea Party -Vid

Political Ghost Haunts Rick Perry

Progressives – War Is Better Than Ron Paul – Vid

Ralph Nader – 10 Painful Lessons Of 9/11 

Br Nathanael – A Look At Europe’s New Right 

Morris Talking About Algeria Being Next – Vid

Leonor Archeology In Libya At Sabrata – Vid

Leonor On Gaddafi’s Daughter Aisha – Vid

Water Entombment For Fukushima 1 Back On Table




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