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04 Sep



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The US Is Awash In Oil And Lies

CIA Is An Engine Of Death, Not An Intel Agency 

Promoting Fear And Hate In America

Man Arrested For Blog Post On G20 ‘Infiltrator’ 

New UN scaremongering over Iran nuclear threat

EU Bans Imports Of Syrian Oil

West fears Libyan Missiles In Terrorist Hands

UK Forces Attack Gaddafi’s Last Strongholds

 Libyan ‘Rebels’ Listed As Terrorists By US State Dept

Libya – ‘Yes, I’m Saying It Is ALL Lies’

Lessons From the Zionist Attack on Libya

8 Eerie Abandoned Amusement Parks

Cop Arrested For Having Sex With Teen Boys 

 Organic Celebs, Non-GMO Guys, Back Company Tied To Monsanto

 Turkish Navy To Escort Aid Ships To Palestinians In Gaza

 Kawther – I Am Not Hitler, I ONLY Want Justice!

Breakthrough Makes Wind Power Cheaper Than Nuclear

28,000 Becquerels/kg In Wild Mushrooms In Fukushima

TEPCO – Plutonium 238, 239, 240 Found At Playground

Radioactive Tea Products In Tokyo Supermarket

One Farmer Stays In Nuclear Zone, Won’t Leave – Vid

Mystery Man At Fukushima Warns World – Vid

Globalist Pawn Ricky Perry Says NO To TX Border Fence

Kirwan – The World’s Largest Slave Auction

 Religious Elite Directs UK Racist Bombing Of Arabs – Vid

TS Lee Stalls Over Gulf And Over Louisiana

 MUST VIEW – Why The Rothschilds Are Destroying Libya – Vid

Fukushima Will Harm All Of Humanity For 1,000s Of Years – Vid

Kaku – Virginia Quake…Nuclear Wake-Up Call For US  – Vid



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