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05 Sep

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Europe Stocks In Big Monday Drop

 US Navy Weapons ‘Testing’ Zones Off US Coastline – pdf

Surveillance Wars In US – A One Way Street?

Weather Derivatives As Risk Mitigation Device

Trading Weather Derivatives – Betting On Weather

Central Banks, BIS And Goldman Sachs Coercion

Iran Says West Using Weather Mod To Steal Its Rain

Russia To Lose Billions In Libya Over Price Of Oil 

USPS Near Default – Privatization Fails Again

Wikileaks – Reason(s) Behind China Gold Buying Spree

Iceland Says It Was Bullied Over Bank Debt

Europe Put Head In Sand Over Growth Crisis

 British Descent Into Total Tyranny Closer

New White House Site For Online Petitions (too funny)


Zionist-Run US Try To Delay UN Palestinian Statehood Vote

Lawlessness And Injustice Define America And Israel

430,000 Israelis Hit Streets Demanding Social Justice

 Evolution Of The Swine trH3N2 Pandemic

 CDC Adds UNSUBTYPABLE To Week 33 FluView Data

 Meyssan On NATO Invasion Of Tripoli & War Crimes – Vid

 Libya’s Great Man-Made River Project & NATO Crimes

Obama Declares Illegal US War Number 5 – Against Syria

After 9/11 – ‘You No Longer Have Rights’

Stop UN Agenda 21 And ‘Sustainable Development’

 These US Cities Have Sold Out To UN Agenda 21

1,000s Acres Burned, Forced Evacuations In Central TX

 Labor Day Facts – 2011


NATO Ravaging Sirte – Worse Than Gaza – Vid

 Letter From Tripoli – Carnage Of The Innocent – Vid

Japan Children Being Deliberately Sacrificed To Radiation

Mom Does Utmost, Daughter Still Shows Cesium In Urine

Govt Tells Farmers To Keep Growing Radioactive Veggies

Typhoon Talas Leaves 29 Dead, 56 Missing

Talas Leaves Death And Destruction  In Japan

 Fukushima – Eerie, Surreal Echoes Of Chernobyl

Coverup – Officials Waffle On Why North Anna Shut Down 


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