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06 Sep

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Powerful 6.6 Quake Hits Western Indonesia

Gut Bio-Organisms Never Recover From Antibiotic Use 

First-Graders Handcuffed For Talking In Class

The German Reich Exists 

Israel Allows Shooting At Palestine Protesters – Vid

Obama Orders Sanctions, Regime Change in Syria W/out Congress

Deutsche Bank CEO Terrifying Speech In Germany

Labor Day – Celebrating The Lack Of Jobs In America?

WA County Fair Signals trH3N2 Transmission

Celente – Labor Day Market Bloodbath – Gold Tops $1,900

Mystery Flashes At Wrecked Fukushima Plant – Vid

Miracle Cures By Enlisting The Subconscious

Millions Of Americans Living In Cheap Motels

G7 Meeting – Consolidation & Quantitative Easing

US Gov’t To Sell 248,000 Foreclosed Homes

Gun Sales To Surpass 15 Million This Year

Pension Fund $35 Trillion Industry In More Hot Water

States Can Trump The Supreme Court – Vid

EPA Declares Hay A ‘Pollutant’ To Destroy Small Ranchers

The Endangered Species Act Promotes Depopulation – Vid

Increasingly A Pariah State

 Is Ricky Perry A Dead Zone Candidate?

Obama Ignores Congress In Sweeping Sanctions On Syria 

Wildfires Blast Sun-Scorched Texas – Vid

 Mahdi Nazemroaya – Destroying Libyan Culture – Vid


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