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11 Sep

Daily Alternative News For Cape Breton Daily



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A Great Review Of Gilad’s ‘The Wandering Who?’

Atzmon – Egyptians Storm Israeli Embassy – Others Next?

The Illuminati Game And The Rapture

Heartbreaking Pictures From NJ Homeless ‘Tent City’

Obama Style Stimulus

Ellen Brown – War… The Fiscal Stimulus Of Last Resort

Michael Moore – One Of The Most Hated Directors

DHS Says Internet Poses A Threat To America 

Tarpley – Probability Of Large Scale False Flag Terror Increases

Quake Damaged Both North Anna Reactors

Fukushima Reactor Core May Now Be Into Groundwater

TEPCO Readies To Drive Fukushima Workers Even Harder

 Kirwan – LIFE Is A Moving Target

Germany-Greece at Impasse Over Bailout

911- Occult Trauma-Based Mass Mind Control

9/11 Commission Admits It Never Got The Facts

F-16s Were Going To ‘RAM Flt 93’ (unending BS)

 Buy Me Toys Or I’ll Start Smoking Again

Is Transporting Water to Dry Areas a Fantasy?

Moving Floodwater to Drought Areas ‘Too Political’

The Hospital Gestapo: Payment Extortion Plan

Ludicrous Hypocrisy – US ‘International Obligations’

 Frustrated Blacks Believe in Obama’s Jobs Lies

Audacious Criminals Print $500 Billion in Counterfeiter $$$

Makow – 9/11/11…An Orgy Of Deception

Perry’s TX – Firefighters Must Pay For Gear, Engine Fuel

24 New Wildfires In Texas

NATO Butchers – Mustard Gas, Slaughter In Libya Continues

Fukushima Radiation In WA State 100,000x Normal In March


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