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12 Sep

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Egypt Commandos Save 6 Israelis From Embassy

Israel In Worst Crisis With Egypt In 30 Years 

US Bribes To Keep Peace With Egypt Says Netanyahu

Would Israel Attack Egypt?

Bomb At US Base In Afghanistan ‘Wounds’ 77 Troops

Ahmadinejad: US Used 9/11 As Excuse For Wars

US Agent Twice Blocked From Stopping 9/11

 9/11 – Decade Of Destruction

 Employers – Obama Jobs Plan Won’t Do Anything 

Fox Pumps Gold Standard But US Hasn’t Got It

Cables – China Wanted Stakes In US Banks 

‘Super Entity’ Of Global Corporate Control Revealed

Unsubtypables Dictate trH3N2 PCR Testing

The New Contagion trH3N2

Mormon Church Starts War With FBI

Gaddafi Diehard Secret Police Hold On

Guess Who Fauntroy Saw Doing The Killing In LIbya 

China Warns US Of ‘Disaster’ For Selling Weapons To Taiwan 

Sauder – Quantum Leap From Hell – The Untied States Of America

Obama Will Try To Gut Social Security NOW

Jan 2012 – Obama Can Search Your Bank Accts & Wallets

US Food And Drugs

What Passes For Journalism And Opinion In America

 9/11 – The Time Has Come

The 23 Biggest 9/11 Coincidences 

Another Century Of War

Why The Official WTC Tale Isn’t True – David Ray Griffin

You Only Believe The Official 9/11 Story Because…

Official 9/11 Fairy Tale

9/11 Bullshit

9-11-2001 to 9-11-2011 Ten Years Of Lies

 Br. Nathanael – The New Jewish Hostile Elite 

Afghanistan Had Nothing To Do With 9/11

Kirwan – Death Of The Cash Economy

 Fukushima Radiation Contamination Perceptions (Humor)

Steel Frame For Reactor 1 Complete,  Ready For Cover – Vid


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