UFOs_Mysteries_Weird Events for Cape Breton Islanders

13 Sep

Cape Breton Daily UFO’s-Mysteries-Weird Events


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  • Scientists think they can prove that free will is an illusion. Philosophers are urging them to think again.
  • Rate of radioactive decay affected by the Sun?
  • NDEs explained by science.
  • Five unexpected objects that fell to Earth.
  • Bats eavesdrop to learn to hunt.
  • Fatherhood leads to a drop in testosterone.
  • Icy body Dione may have dilute layer of oxygen air.
  • Sniffer dogs detect early lung cancer.
  • Can earthquakes trigger volcanic eruptions? Another view here.
  • The world’s weirdest places to scuba dive.
  • Smoking is not normal behaviour for orang-utans.
  • What makes us curious?
  • Ricky Gervais suffers from this.
  • Firesidethebest-1



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