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14 Sep

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  • Big exoplanet reveal planned for tomorrow by NASA & Industrial Light & Magic. I hope George Lucas hasn’t edited the Apollo moon landing footage!
  • 50 alien worlds found, including an exoplanet in the Goldilocks Zone.
  • Astronomers find an ‘invisible’ planet. Its inhabitants aren’t happy about it.
  • Get your stillsuits ready, alien life more likely on Dune planets.
  • NASA admits space shuttle orbs are unknown; but don’t say UFO.
  • Exposing the smear campaigns of skeptic debunker Philip Klass.
  • 17 ways humanity’s contact with aliens could go down. Or already has?
  • Scientists take first step towards creating inorganic life.
  • LSD, nukes: secret government experiments are revealed.
  • Are alien abductions military manipulation? Or do They want us to think this?
  • Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez turns to shamans to cure his cancer.
  • Losing native languages will leave us lost for words.
  • From Haitian magic to Inuit knives made of feces, Wade Davis has seen it all.
  • The Serpent & the Rainbow by Wade Davis (Amazon US & UK).
  • Medieval skeletons reveal fear of a zombie uprising. I’m not dead!
  • Historical reenactors bring Battle of Marathon to life in Greece.
  • Huge gladiator school unearthed in Austria. I’ll be back.
  • How high-tech tactics are used in the war against whaling.
  • Millions of American tax dollars are subsidizing the Dolphin Pimp.
  • Wild cockatoos are learning to talk from escaped pet birds. Australia, the only country in the world where the wildlife swears at you.
  • Dingoes came from southern China much earlier than thought.
  • In a Tokyo neko cafe, you can enjoy a coffee black cat or white.
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