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15 Sep

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Ron Paul – Unfairness To Palestinians Caused 9/11

Ron Paul Has Deepest Support In Decades– Vid

Paul Nails 9-11 Motivation In CNN Tea Party Debate – Vid

Preparing For WTC Destruction

Moon Artifacts Covered Up Says NASA Whistleblower – Pics

TEPCO Cuts Off Free Lunches For (dying) Workers

Fukushima Containment Vessels Basically Empty Of Water

One Very Lucky Turtle

Denver – The World’s Most Guilty Dog – Vid

Guardianship Horror Story to Swindle Elederly

Kawther – The Light & Hope Orchestra Around The World

Illuminati Plan ‘Sexual Rights’ For Children

Jail Time For Amish Buggy Drivers – Vid

CWD Believed ‘Contained’ In Parts Of West VA (sure)

Former CIA Insider Nails Airhead CNN Anchors – Vid

White House Ties to $535M Solyndra Loan Scandal – Vid

Senator Bob Graham Denies Anthrax Military Ties -Vid

More Obama Debt – Like Curing Alcoholism With Whiskey

Obama Stimulus Will Cost $312,500 Per Job Created

Does God Forbid Division Of Israel?

Br Nathanael – Jewish Hollywood’s Fatal Embrace – Vid

How Israel Almost Got Us To Nuke Egypt, Start WWIII

Israel Gives Palestinians A ‘Dire Warning’

‘Unacceptable’ Emotions To Be Analyzed At Airports

GMO Gardasil Responsible For Tumors & Other Disorders?

3 Girls Dead, Others Hospitalized from HPV Vaccine

Obama, FDA Trying To Kill You By Removing Supplements


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