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16 Sep

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The space shuttle’s legacy reaches beyond asserting America’s presence in space. From building the ISS and lifting other satellites into orbit, it has done much and seen much, notably three mysterious objects filmed under the shuttle, during a routine check of the ship’s steering jets. Rather remarkably the Space Shuttle Program Manager admits not knowing what these objects were, though it appears he was referring to debris rather than spacecraft from another world. Objects large and small are no stranger to the shuttle, having also been seen with the final mission STS-135 and spectacularly during STS-115 back in 2006. Elsewhere, in So This Tree Crashes in the Forest…,Billy Cox revisits the post 9-11 sighting and radar tracking of a large craft over Texas that trespassed into restricted airspace but not a single F-16 was scrambled to intercept it. To make matters worse, the mainstream media has been oblivious to the story.
Residents along the eastern coast of the Iberian peninsula near Orihuela reported seeing a huge snake in 1970. Reliable witnesses described it as being three and a half meters long with a head the size of a child’s. After several fruitless days, the search for the monster snake was called off and the story was heaped upon the slushpile of history. Phantoms and Monters reports that elsewhere in Europe the game is afoot for hunting down the wily Alp in Austria. It’s described as a giant bat with elongated limbs, demonically vampiric bearing, and humanoid features that brings nightmares to slumbering folk. Experts propose the Alp is a subspecies of flying fox, which is long-lived and few in number. Has the famous Chinese wild man been caught on film? Cryptomundo links to possible footage, in Cantonese, of the beast. But an astute, Cantonese-speaking reader notes the footage was from the USA. In lighter but equally confusing news, io9 reports that someone stole a Bigfoot costume along with copper tubing from a home in Colorado, in Stolen Bigfoot costumes are the reason your local newspaper has a crime blotter. Why would someone want to steal a Bigfoot costume?
Famed abductee Charles Hickson whose close encounter of the third kind and subsequent celebrity took place in the fall of 1973 has passed away. His plainspoken account has endured the rigors of lie detector tests and questioning under hypnosis. And his philosophy on the subject could not be more straightforward: “I am not trying to force anybody to believe anything. I just simply tell them what happened to Calvin and me, and they make up their own minds if they want to believe it or not.” He was 80. Perhaps inspired by the strange creatures Hickson witnessed, Bruce Duensing asks: Is the riddle of the UFO attributable to an advanced sentience rather than to a advanced technology? Do we assume one over the other simply because it is an easier concept to wrap our heads around? In Through The Looking Glass: Backwards As Forwards Duensing uses Lewis Carrol as a launching pad to suggest alternatives to The Big Bang as being representative of the theory of sentience beginning at conception. Does nothing have to be something to be nothing?
Tales of Talking Stones Trails End Freelance
A stone is a stone is a stone. Or are they? Whether they are gathering moss or not, they’ve played many roles in civilization from precious gems to Stonehenge to curiousities like the Talking Stone of Llechlafar. Elsewhere, hysteria has gripped the peaceful nation of Ghana with the discovery of a suspected witch between two piles of stones at a secure military compound. Witch Bypasses Oz, Lands in Ghana tells of law enforcement officials who refused to address the situation because of the supernatural allegations. She admitted to being a witch, but was she just being sarcastic to overzealous officials? Turns out she’s not a witch, just an old woman suffering from Alzheimer’s. In recent years “witch panics” have been no stranger to the dark continent with accused witches suffering indignities that would make most puritans blanche.
Profiled today is the man who was Richard Dawkins before there was a Richard Dawkins. Enumerated here are his fallacies running counter to logical and scientific principles, which remain dear and anomalously unassailable to this day among the most vocal critics of unusual phenomena. Featured here is an excerpt from the Father of Modern Skepticism’s celebrated essay “On Miracles” with enlightening commentary. Next, BoingBoing introduces a new generation to JW Dunne’s influential book An Experiment With Time, which ponders the nature of the 4th dimension; how it pertains to his thesis that the past, present, and future are happening all at once; and the curious dream experiment that tested the perception of causality.


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