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16 Sep

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Joe Biden Basically Wrote The PATRIOT Act In 1995

Oz, Africa Bid To Build Most Powerful Telescope  

NASA Unveils New Launcher Design For Mars MIssions  

NASA Warns Of Risk Of £468m Satellite Falling 

NFL Wants Ankles-Up Pat Downs For ALL Stadium Fans! 

Police Getting Bayonets, Tanks, Copters, RPGs, 50 Cal Machine Guns 

WI Citizens Dragged From Public Meeting For Taping

Michigan To Require Body Weight Report On Kids 

Glenn Beck, The Jewish Mormon Out To Change The World 

Joe Biden Basically Wrote The PATRIOT Act In 1995 

 Influenza A Confirmed In Erie, Pennsylvania 

Susan Lindauer – CIA Knew About 9/11 From April 2001 – Vid

 14 Tax Hikes In Obama’s ‘Stimulus 2.0’ Plan 

Obama Thanked For Ignoring Congress On Illegals  

Obama Thanked For Ignoring Congress On Illegals 

Obama’s Illegal Immigration Amnesty – Death Of A Nation 

Even NYC Jewish Democrats Have Dumped Obama 

Bachmann HPV Row Prompts Fear For Vaccine Program In US 

Huntsman, Romney Linked To Mormon Sex Abuse Scandals 

Gold Rush Returns To California

Let’s Talk Depression – Even If The Politicians Won’t  

CA Legislature Passes Bill To Study State-Owned Bank 

1 In 6 Americans Now Below Poverty Line 

Berlusconi Caught In Vulgar Insult Of Merkel 

UBS loses $2 Billion In ‘Unauthorised Trading’ 

China To ‘Liquidate’ US Treasuries 

Rothschild Hail Mary – Here’s What Just Happened 

(Rothschlld) Central Banks To Flood World With Dollars 

Central Banks To Rain Dollars 

Geithner Admits US Economy Is In Crisis 

 David Icke – The Bloody Rothschilds – Vid

The Mossad Killed JFK To Hide Israel’s Thermonuclear Weapons – Vid   


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