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18 Sep

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This news article begins with a question: “What’s the most famous thing to ever happen in New Hampshire?” The New Hampshire primaries? Wrong. Betty and Barney Hill’s reported abduction aboard a UFO on Route 3 near Lincoln, which occurred 50 years ago Monday? Bingo. At least for UFO buffs anyway. The event is of such significance that the state erected a historical plaque this summer that celebrates “the first widely-reported UFO abduction report in the United States.” Much of the credit for this interest, according to the newspaper, goes to Hill’s niece Kathleen Marden, who wrote a book on the subject entitled Captured: The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience, but no mention is made of the detailed and far more balanced examination of the episode that was made by a group of seasoned, independent UFO researchers and presented recently in a book called Encounters At Indian Head: The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Abduction Revisited. We can’t help but still wonder what really happened to the Hills so many years ago.


Chupacabras, once again, stand accused in Argentina for assaulting cattle. Under the light of the full moon, something had ravaged several animals, making off into the night with their snacks. The evidence backing the accusation lay with a single puncture wound, presumably used to drain the livestock of blood. Officials could only classify the attacks as “strange.” Other strangeness on the farm centers around cereology. In the XYZ Files-Part Nine, The Paranomalist outlines the differences between crop circles and cereal art but posits a link between Crop Circles and Electromagnetism. Do April showers bring summer circles, as electromagnetic fields are generated while rainwater seeps through layers of chalk? Interesting research from the bleeding edge of science. And the AP reports on a Serb mother’s claims that her son and nephew are human magnets. So far there’s no word if they’ve been enrolled in Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

Here we revisit the life and times of notorious skeptic Philip Klass. If he didn’t believe in little green men, then surely he believed in the devil who is apparent in the details laid out by Kevin Randle. In his enthusiasm to declare the 1964 Socorro case a hoax, Klass made several contradictory statements, presumably from memory, without getting any evidence for it, other than to reveal a plot to create a tourist attraction. The complement to Klass is the colorful Dan Salter who was full of revelations about underground bases, the truth behind Roswell, anecdotes of aggressive abductions, and further eyes-only intelligence. Dan’s character shone through when Nick Redfern spotted his curious license plate about the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit, supposedly a retirement present from his friends and colleagues at the National Reconnaissance Office.

Ettore Majorana was one of the leading luminaries of physics, giving the redoubtable Enrico Fermi a run for his money in the field. One day in March of 1938 Ettore boarded a boat bound for Naples and was never seen again. Stories swirl around him like so many particles. Did he fall victim to the Mafia or succumb to suicide? According to Fermi, “Ettore was too intelligent. If he has decided to disappear, no-one will be able to find him.” One way or another, we’re sure he went “underground” eventually, though surely he was not one of the Visitors to the Inner Earth, the title of Professor Solomon’s latest free ebook. In other anomalous news Jazma Online provides several interviews, the first of which addresses The Ghostly Giant Tree: The Catherine Anonuevo Story. A mother and daughter were returning home and kept passing the same tree. Another interview tells the tale of a supernatural scuffle between a trio of vampires and angels one night. More can be found at H.P.I. International.



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