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19 Sep

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Palestinian Bid For Statehood Divides People

Palestinian Anger At US Fuels Diplomatic Crisis Over Statehood

Kirwan – Just Another Sunday In Amerika

RT Covers US Protesters Massing In Wall Street – Vid

Blackout – CNN, Fox, MSNBC Ignore US Day Of Rage Protesters

Weekly South African Report 

42,000 Bq/kg Cesium In Dirt In Yokohama City

Experts Agree Fukushima Worse Than Chernobyl – Vid

Japan’s Fukushima…History’s Worst Human Disaster – Vid

MacDonald – Mel Gibson’s Next Jewish Film

Parliamentarian Opinion About Palestinian Statehood 

Statehood Of Palestine From A Priests Perspective 

Bankers Think Brazil’s Dilma is “Dynamite”

CA To Vaccinate Children Without Parental Knowledge

Horrible Videos About Gardasil Victims – Vid

Rick Perry’s Long Assn With Merck (Gardasil)

Makow – The New World Order – Vid

Boehner Urges Support For Israel & Veto Of Pal State

An Algerian Speaks – Israel Is Behind All Trouble

Obama Proposes The Phony ‘Buffett’ Tax On The Rich

Peace Candidate Ron Paul Gets Highest Military Donations 

 Ron Paul – Abolish The IRS And ObamaCare – Vid

US Gets IMF’d – Forced To Pay For EU Bailout

Greece Approaching Moment Of Truth

Soros – Prepare For Greek Default & EU Departure

 6.9 Kills At Least 21 In India And Nepal

Fukushima Seafood, Products To Go To Developing Countries

60,000 Rally Against Nukes In Tokyo

BBC – Fukushima…Deserted Towns, Dead Animal, Survivors – Vid


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