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20 Sep

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Sweden ‘Unsafe’ For Jews, Women – Vid

Long Wars Not Without Psychological Cost

The Landfill Of Disinfo, Piled Higher And Deeper

The Smirky Smile Of Troy Davis 

Ex Parte Troy Davis – Calling All Harvard Alum, Yalie Law Types

Big-Name Brands Cutting Product SIZE – Not Price

EU Bonds Rollover Debt With A Chinese Bailout 

Oil And The Falklands – The Saga Continues

UBS Raises Trading Losses To $2.3 Billion

Obama Pushes For $3.6 Billlion Deficit Cut

Wronged US Homeowners May Soon Seek Bank Relief

$2,000 Gold Now In Sight

Merkel Coalition Near Collapse – Votes Reject Bailout

Greek PM Cancels US Trip Amid Rising Tensions

Kirwan – End The Double-Speak, DUMP The DEBT

TSA Fires 28 Bag Screeners At Honolulu Airport 

trH3N2 M Gene Acquisitions Raise Pandemic Concerns

 Get Out Of Jail Free For Accused Mormon Fraudster

Ovadia Boehner

Guilty By Their Own Rules – Listening States

London Phil Suspends Musicians For ‘Anti-Israel’ Remarks

  Anti-Zionist Evangelicals Flocking To Truthtellers.Org

 The New World Order – Vid

Journalists Reveal More Horrors Of ZATO Libyan War

 Libyan Conflict Thrusts Niger Into Spotlight

Gaddafi Forces Capture French, UK ‘Mercenaries’

Abbas Calls On Israeli People To Recognise Palestine

Israel Urged To Punish Palestinians Over UN Campaign

UK Under US Pressure To Oppose Palestinian Statehood Vote

UN Bid By Palestinians Will Fail – Netanyahu

Area Residents Think North Anna Truth Being Hidden

Michigan Nuclear Reactor Shutdown, Springs Big Leak

 Siemens Announces It Is Quitting Nuclear Energy

 Japan Says Tsunami Debris ‘Spontaneously’ Combusitng

Fukushima Recriticality – More Radiation In July-August?

Atzmon – ‘Anti-Zionists’ Exposed Trying To Crush Free Speech? – Vid

David Icke – The Zionist Elephant In The Living Room

 Mousa Ibrahim Speech Of 9-18-11 – Vid


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