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22 Sep

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According to this report from Dave Masko, Julian Assange of Wikileaks has announced that some of the 251,287 purloined cables his group was supposedly set to leak to the public have a bearing on the UFO phenomenon. A European newspaper has said some of those documents detail a war between the USA and flying saucers over the southern ocean off Antarctica’s coast. Masko points to Leslie Kean’s bestselling book UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record as a source of pressure for the world’s governments to come clean about the UFO question. Is this an omen of a new age of openness? With more UFO reports making the rounds, will mainstream media begin to address the issue with more candor? For instance, look at the Australian report Dee Why Man Spots UFOs over Northern Beaches and the British description of a youngster’s dilemma evidenced in Mysterious UFOs Stun Teen. And don’t miss the United States reports assembled from the Mutual UFO Network witness reporting data base and disseminated as Alabama ‘Sub-car Sized’ Sphere Hovered and Moved Away and Chevron-shaped UFOs Reported from Two Connecticut Locations. Elsewhere, one of UFOlogy’s top guns, Stanton Friedman, gets excellent press as an alumnus in an article from the latest edition of The University of Chicago Magazine entitled Science? Fiction? Also, an online storehouse of UFO information and more is celebrating its 15th anniversary with an invitation to visit John Greenewald, Jr.’s The Black Vault.


In a landmark decision for the field of parapsychology the UK government has recognized the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP) as a professional body for paranormal investigators. The wording is key as the government is referring to ASSAP’s serious approach to investigative matters. In the wake of this announcement ASSAP is asking for public input on topics, like ethical and scientific methods, establishing a gold standard for researchers. Meanwhile, Asia Times notes an Indian College Launches Ghostly Studies. Ghosts play a large role in many cultures and nowhere moreso than in Asia. A recent seminar in Mumbai covered a menagerie of ghosts and monsters, emphasizing that these spirits can’t be dismissed as hallucinations and tall tales. In a fascinating introduction to Asian ghosts and goblins, the report also details a ghost town in India where signs warn visitors not to remain after dark. Elsewhere in the Far East, Monsters and Critics provides a brief report about two students who claimed spirits were responsible for their fainting spell, outlined in Hong Kong Girls Taken to Hospital After Seeing Ghosts in an abandoned school. And, in resuming his blogging efforts, Mark Russell Bell offers amazing images in Some Noteworthy Instances of Seance Room Photography.

From the maverick science files: The accepted theory suggests the Universe rose from primordial Cold Dark Matter a split second after the Big Bang. So far, however, scientists using all manner of experiments and equipment, including the Large Hadron Collider, have not found direct or indirect evidence of the Big Bang, Cold Dark Matter or Dark Energy. Computer modelled simulations of dwarf galaxy formation, based on the current cosmological Standard Model, don’t match observations. Professor Carlos Frenk of Durham University and the Virgo Consortium says Cold Dark Matter may not even exist and proposes Warm Dark Matter, instead. Not for the faint of heart, here’s the abstract asking What is the (Dark) Matter with Dwarf Galaxies? But the Standard Model Professor Frenk and his colleagues have been trying to prove is the exact opposite of the Electric Universe model which does away with the Big Bang, Dark Matter (warm or cold), Dark Energy and Black Holes. Much of that theory is covered by physicist Wal Thornhill in the videos filmed during his July 8, 2011, John Chappell Memorial Lecture, part of the Natural Philosophy Alliance at the University of Maryland, found in Wal Thornhill NPA Lecture – Parts One & Two. There’s more on the sad state of cosmology in a special edition of the Bentham Open Astronomy Journal presented as Peer-review of Plasma Cosmology and a riveting testimonial offered by Senior Lecturer in Physics at the University of Hull and member of the Royal Astronomical Society and Natural Philosophy Alliance Jeremy Dunning-Davies, entitled Gravity Probe B and Related Matters.

Big Cats Still Big Mystery Geelong Advertiser
Long a thorn in the side of mainstream zoologists in Australia and other countries where they are not among the native wildlife, out-of-place or alien big cats persist. Mainstream news sources often treat the reports in a less cavalier fashion than they do other fortean topics, but this latest sighting is actually a feral housecat according to experts quoted in Another Cat in September Action. Elsewhere, Unexplained Mysteries presents the video of a Dave Archer Interview on Orang Pendek he sighted back in 2009 on the Centre for Fortean Zoology expedition, and, at Mania, Nick Redfern reveals a tale of possible Littlefield, TX, local lore in Lair of the Beasts: Texan Monsters. Also, Loren Coleman at Cryptomundo is announcing the Grand Monster Reopening of International Cryptozoology Museum on October 30th, the day before Halloween.

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