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23 Sep

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Palestinian Statehood – If Not Now, When?

Ex-IDF – Israeli Occupation Neither Moral Nor Legitimate

Psychologists – Questioning 9/11 The Sane Thing To Do – Vid

Troy Davis Final Words

The Health Drinks That Don’t Live Up To Their Hype

Mom, School Bd Member Arrested For Sexting Teen

FB Users Complain About News Feed Changes

A Drug Arrest On An American Every 19 Seconds

Amazon Uses Sweatshop Labor In The US?

Schmidt – Google Hasn’t ‘Cooked’ Search Results

FBI Is On Your Cell Phone – Do You Care?

10 Million More Mortgages To Default

Peter Phillips Of Project Censored  – Vid

1 MILLION Pounds Of Organic Food On Only 3 Acres

China Took Almost 10,000 Jobs From Maine 

Al Gore’s Five Loaves & Two Fishes – A Miracle Worker!

All Afghanistan National Accord (AANA) 

Bank Of England Eyes More Quantitative Easing

The Next Global Recession Will Be Worse Than 2008

The Great Depression Is The Best Case Scenario

Makow – Cash, Not Gold, Is King In A Crash 

Fed Unleashes $400b Plan To Save Ailing Economy

Bernanke Triggers October Crash Early

BP Spill Vomiting More Oil, Tar On Gulf Beaches

Scottish Nuke Fuel Leak Will Never Be Cleaned Up

Monsanto Denies Super-Insect Science

Huge UK Gas Find May Lead To 800 Fracking Wells

Post 9/11 NSA ‘Enemies’ Include US

 Madsen – US Nuclear Weapons Unaccountable

 PsyWar – The Fake Fall Of Tripoli – Part I

Br Nathanael – Jewish Eugenics & The Master Race

Typhoon Roke Kills 5, Batters Japanese Coast 

A World Declaration Of Liberation From Criminal Israel

Reactor 2 Containment Holed By March Quake?

DHS Found Fukushima Radiation In SF Area Rainwater

BBC Effort To Twist Fukushima Disaster Debunked – Vid

Japan To Dump Suspect Fukushima Food Abroad – Vid

Vote Ron Paul In The Latest Republican Debate

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