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25 Sep

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EPA To Property Owner – ‘Your Land Is Our Land’ 

Russia Using Deniable Psy Ops On Western Diplomats

Fracking To Be Minimally Regulated  In UK

Sarko Hit By More Leaks Over Arms Deals 

Working Car Rolls Off 3D Printing Press

Delusional Van Rompuy – EU Is ‘Fatherland Of Democracy’

European Parliament Opens £15m Temple To MEPs

On The Desert Trail Of Tony Blair’s Millions

Zionist Thug Blair Attacks ‘Confrontational’ Palestinians

World Declaration Of Independence From Criminal Israel – Vid

Netanyahu Is Not A Netanyahu

No Peace Or Justice In Our Time With Netanyahu 

Israelis Murder Another Palestinian In Palestine

63 Years Of Suffering & Murder By Zionists Is Enough – Abbas

Abbas Saluted After Great Palestine Statehood Speech

NATO Butchery, Starvation, War Crimes In Libya Continue 

9-11 Cop Who Nabbed 5 Israelis Breaks Silence 

2,250,000 Contracts Betting Against October S&P 500

Geithner – China ‘Systematically Steals’ US Intellectual Property

Kirwan – Remember, Remember The 5th Of November

Fox Efforts To Hide Ron Paul Becoming Obscene

TEPCO Handout About The Video – pdf

 Orientation For The TEPCO Video For Reactor 3 – Vid

High Levels Radiation Found In More Fukushima Rice 

TEPCO – May Be 100% Hydrogen Gas In Reactor One Pipe

USSA Persecutes Real Christians Like China

Israel May Withhold Taxes Over Pal UN Bid

Disney Movie Portrays White Hero As Black

Fall TV Gender Programming

War On Terrorism Is War On Americans

 Steam Rising From Fukushima Reactors 3 And 4 – Vid

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